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  1. Need abunch of chainmail done but dont have the time? I Do! Lemme know what you need at les_pattison@brmshop.com

  2. les_26

    WTS: Chain by the foot

    16ga 5/16 Euro 4in1 strips now available in bright aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel, stainless steel (square wire), and titanium. Welding for stainless steel available upon special request.
  3. les_26

    WTS: Chain by the foot

    For those interested, I have 14ga 3/8 European 4in1 chain now available. 3 row strips are available for purchase on the website. It is sold by the foot, with 10ft minimum purchase. If you want more then 100ft, please contact me to recieve a discount. Welding is available upon special request. http://www.blackravenmercantile.ca/chainbythefoot.html Chain by the foot - Making chainmail clothing just got that much easier.
  4. les_26

    WTS: Chain by the foot

    Even though it is not yet added to the site, I have the following types of chain available by custom order. Boxchain Byzantine Linked Byzantine (has only one connector ring of the same metal as the links, allows you to add in whichever colors/metals you choose) Full Persian Half Persian Helmschain Roundmaille Spine Chain (picture available here - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=6602874977&aid=50602#!/photo.php?fbid=302140254977&set=a.302139009977.50602.6602874977&theater) Available in any material/color combinations (Note: Only TRL rings are used in the creation of these chains)
  5. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    The website is still in development, new pages are being added almost daily. If you look at the company facebook page though you can see pictures of the jewelry we make and check out the closures. The reason I am selling the opened rings as well is because I am fairly fast at it and it may be convenient for some to avoid the few hours of opening rings to make something. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Raven-Mercantile/6602874977?sk=photos
  6. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    http://www.blackravenmercantile.ca/preppedringsdirectory.html I have set up a section on my website selling prepped rings. The same rings that TRL offers but prepped. If you are interested you can use the paypal shopping cart on the site, or message me. In the next few weeks I will be adding the "chain by the foot" section. We will be offering premade strips of euro 4in1 in various metals and sizes. However we will also custom make any chain out of any metal combination and ring size. Prepped Rings - Saving you the time of prepping rings so you can spend it making things!
  7. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    14ga 3/8 Rings are now available in Bright Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Bronze, & Stainless Steel.
  8. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    I can package them in the same quantities that TRL offers if it would make it easier. Ex: 10, 1000 ring bags of say 20ga 1/8 Stainless Steel
  9. I may have a very low amount of posts but I have spent the last 5+ years of my life doing chainmail, thats all I do. For those who are curious

  10. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    Its actually rather easy to untangle the rings :/ I personally just hold them in my fingers and jingle them abit, the rings fall onto the work surface and usually space themselves out enough so that its easy to pick them up.
  11. les_26

    WTS: Prepped Rings

    Note: If you are looking for large quantities of the same type of ring (10,000+), send me an email at orders@blackravenmercantile.ca and I can give you a discount.
  12. les_26

    Making LOTR Mithril

    I sell euro strips by the foot. If you want some assistance with this project, send me a message.
  13. les_26

    My project piece

    This is a shirt I have been working on for awhile. Its eventually going to be a part of my sca armor ^_^ Its made out of 14ga 3/8 stainless steel rings and the large blackened stainless steel rings. My friends have gotten quite a kick out of it being slash proof lol. (The picture isn't the best quality because I took it with my berry)
  14. Hey. Does TRL still offer the Stainless Steel Toggle Clasps? I didn't see them for sale but I had bought some awhile ago and really liked them. Les
  15. Can the enameled copper be substitued for anything? I would like to make the whole thing out of BA but I don't know what other small ring size would work.