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    Chainmailler, gardener, quirky free spirit
  1. The Velvet Zebra

    Under The Sea

    This inlay is was done entirely out of 19,471 rings of 3/16" 18ga Anodized Aluminum and measures 21" x 24". I'd like to say how long it took, but I kept putting it aside to do other things whenever I would run out of a color, so I lost track of how long it was taking. More photos can be seen on Facebook.com/TheVelvetZebra
  2. The Velvet Zebra

    Date Night

    We call this one Date Night, it's our most ordered design but just a simple European 4 in 1 with some fringe. Here it's in the new Lime Green limited color with some Enameled Copper fringe. E-4 in 1 is a simple, basic design but you can do so much with it and get a great look thanks to The Ring Lord's colors.

    © (c) The Velvet Zebra

  3. The Velvet Zebra


    Just a simple graduated European 4 in 1 using some of the Ring Lord's new special edition lime green and various shade of purples. Anodized Aluminum with a bit of Enameled Copper for a pop.

    © (c) The Velvet Zebra 2016

  4. The Velvet Zebra

    Flag ring

  5. The Velvet Zebra

    Img 9706

    Love your colors here.
  6. The Velvet Zebra


    They are really fun in a group, playing with color, or hanging from a car mirror.

    © (c) The Velvet Zebra

  7. The Velvet Zebra

    Jelly Fish

    A simple Helm skeleton with a dome shape covered by E 4-1 increasing that is wrapped over and attached. Then fringed.

    © (c) The Velvet Zebra 2016

  8. The Velvet Zebra

    County Logo

    This is the second inlay I've made, I don't have a good photo of the first. I used all Anodized Aluminum 3/16 18ga, measuring 120 x 80 rings. I keep this one draped over a file cabinet in my office.

    © (C) The Velvet Zebra 2016

  9. The Velvet Zebra

    My first sculpt

    This was my first attempt at sculpture - I'm pretty happy with it, although it needs more moat and grounds work. I used the typical cube pattern for the walls, in Anodized Aluminum 3/16 18ga, then some 1/4 18ga Full Persians attached together with some 1/8 18ga to hold the shape. The drawbridge closes snugly. I made this a few years ago when I only knew a handful of weaves, so one day I would love to make a whole villages (as soon as I can justify the time waste)

    © (c) The Velvet Zebra