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  1. bitta

    TRL ring size for dragonscale

    Well, I tried to upload the images, but it will only allow me to post images with a URL and not just a direct upload? What am I doing wrong? I posted them in the gallery, but it won'y let me attach them via the image icon and entering the URL. So here are the gallery links: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/6791-20160614-220019/ http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/6792-20160614-220035/
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    20160614 220035

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    20160614 220019

  4. I'm fairly new to chain mailing, but had done a piece of dragonscale I really liked using 18ga 9/32" & 3/16" rings from a beginner sample type kit I was given as a gift. When I ran out of those rings, I went on TRL but they didn't carry them. When they added the 9/32" 18ga rings recently, the posting for it suggested 19ga 3/16" as the small rings for dragonscale. After making 2 bracelets with these 19ga small rings, I find they are WAY looser than the all 18ga piece I did and the small rings on the outsides slip out of place and outside of the larger rings distorting the pattern. As I'm new, I don't know if these 19ga rings are my problem, or if my inexperience is. The all bright AL piece is the all 18ga one and the two colored ones are using the 18ga and 19ga combination suggested by TRL.
  5. bitta

    Angry birds Heroes

    OMG...that's amazing!!! How do you lay that kind of thing out for a your pattern?
  6. bitta

    Scale direction on fashion bracers

    I'm just a newbie and thinking about a set of bracers as a first scale project, myself. I haven't seen 1/2 Persian or E6 in 1 used for scales...only standard and E4 in 1. Do you have any pics or tutorials on you use those weaves with scales? I also keep putting edpm rings and taking them back out because i can't find any specific info on which weave they work best in without overtaking the piece. How would you use stretchy rings with scales for bracers? I think I'd be a big fan of that!