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  1. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Happy 2017 Everyone!

    Alright, here it is, 2017. Now let's put mailling at the top of our New Year's resolution list!
  2. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Old customer, very impressed

    Now that.... Is impressive, considering it takes me 5-7 days to get my rings after I place my order. Given, I do live in the states, meaning it probably takes quite a bit more time to get the rings shipped across the border and what-not.
  3. BodybuildingChainmailler

    New User Thread

    This.... Is a long thread. Well, time to add one more link on the chain I guess!
  4. BodybuildingChainmailler

    The Ring Lord's Spring Temper Stainless 14 gauge and welding

    Ok thanks for the evaluation website
  5. Hey, it's me again, this time with another question. Question: Will welding spring stainless rings with something similar to size as TRL's ring welder a ruin the tempering of the stainless? This is because I have heard somewhere on this forum that the spring stainless is a 300 alloy series, which is cold tempered and when heated can allegedly ruin the tempering of the metal. I'd love to know whether or not this is true, and if it is true, what I can do to combat it or maybe regain some of the strength back. Thanks for being a great place to discuss mailer topics once again!
  6. BodybuildingChainmailler

    FS: Stainless Steel clad Aluminium Large Scales

    Thanks for answering my question!
  7. BodybuildingChainmailler

    wire supplier

    Hmmmm, interesting stuff! Too bad I don't have a lot of money at the time being, but thanks for the link. I'll definitely keep it in mind.
  8. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    Now that... Would be tedious
  9. BodybuildingChainmailler

    wire supplier

    Oh, so you have some extra help when it comes to manufacturing the maille. Out of curiosity, if you do sell hauberks, how much would one from you average? A few hundred maybe?
  10. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    That's actually a great idea! Though I personally like my metal mail because I like the strength and the ability for it to take hits. I'm pretty sure someone will come across this and make that vision a reality though.
  11. BodybuildingChainmailler

    titanium hauberk

    I didn't realize that note actually. Thanks for the extra info!
  12. BodybuildingChainmailler

    wire supplier

    Well that averages out to a shirt every 3 and a half weeks and an aventail made about every 3 days. Damn you must be serious about mailling, even though I am assuming you do this for a living, right?
  13. BodybuildingChainmailler

    titanium hauberk

    Thank you!
  14. BodybuildingChainmailler

    ABI mini pulse 3 and chinese made welder for sale

    Man, I'd love to get a ring welder, but money has been tight for me at the moment. Hopefully in a few months I'll have enough money from my summer jobs to buy a ring welder, though I will DEFINITELY keep this post in mind. (Even though I feel like it'll be sold by the time I finally have the money).
  15. BodybuildingChainmailler

    titanium hauberk

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm curious. What's the gauge of the titanium wire you used?
  16. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Looking for someone to make copper chain mail shirt

    I honestly do not feel copper is a good material for chainmail. It's rather expensive compared to something like galvy or stainless, and often times copper is quite weak, meaning you'd have to find some way to either meld the rings together, or have a really low AR for the piece.
  17. BodybuildingChainmailler

    wire supplier

    Well I can imagine some of the crazy maillers going through 200 pounds of wire making like a full body suit then some more haha. That definitely is not me though, at least not at the moment.
  18. BodybuildingChainmailler

    FS: Stainless Steel clad Aluminium Large Scales

    I know this is probably a dumb question, but is it basically aluminum scales with a thin layer of stainless on the surface?
  19. BodybuildingChainmailler

    wire supplier

    A minimum of 200 lbs? Dear god, well I suppose they're more used to doing specifications for businesses and stuff, rather than a single person.
  20. BodybuildingChainmailler

    My first chainmaille shirt

    I love the way you put it when it comes to doing the torso knuut. It's made even funnier when you think about that because it's true about the endurance contest thing with building the vest. It's once you get to the more difficult parts like armpits where you actually gotta put in the thought.
  21. BodybuildingChainmailler

    14 Gauge Stainless 1/4" ID European 4 in 1

    That... That is deep man... Say, did you continue making that 14g 1/4" hauberk? Or was it simply too diffcult due to the small ring size?
  22. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Wooden Mail? Possible?

    It seems like an interesting concept, but I honestly don't think wood would be practical for chainmail. This is because although it's lighter, Which could give it somewhat of an advantage, the gauge would have to be extremely thick, otherwise one wrong move and the rings would snap like toothpicks, even with something like iron wood. Finally, unlike metal, wooden rings would not be able to bend very far without snapping unless they were wet, which would compromise the strength of the piece once again. The thickness of the wooden wire required would definitely be too much for the maximum bending threshold of the wood rings. My summary, it sounds like a cool concept on paper, but if one were to try that, it'd most likely be nightmarishly close to impossible.
  23. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Spring Stainless Ring Sizes

    Well, I already do the barbell weight training and all of that good stuff. The weight conditioning vest will hopefully build endurance, as well as maybe a little extra strength overall by simulating a heavier body weight, and of course the body will adapt to that over time by adding a little extra muscle on.
  24. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Spring Stainless Ring Sizes

    Hello chainmailling party people! Anyway, I'm 16, been mailing for about a year, and I am currently building an hauburgeon out of 14g spring stainless 3/8" ID. As I was going to use the armor as a strength conditioning vest, meaning I'm going to constantly wear it, should the AR be lower to make sure it doesn't fall apart, or is the fact I'm building it out of spring stainless gonna make it OP to begin with? Oh and finally, Depending on if I can get my hands on enough money from my summer job as a landscaper, would welding the rings together ruin the temper on this particular alloy, as I've heard from a few people on this forum that the 300 series alloys TRL uses in their stainless steel is cold temper, which can get ruined by heat? Thanks to whoever replies!
  25. BodybuildingChainmailler

    Spring Stainless Ring Sizes

    Well since I'm still fairly early on in my project as a whole, I could definitely still maybe change some things around. Plus, I did quite a bit of experimentation on galvy wire beforehand prior to the start of this project (Including a vest which I sold for like $200 if I recall correctly on the selling amount). The reason I did 14g 3/8" ID for my rings is because for 14g spring stainless, that was their only ring size, and plus for some reason I'm always kinda picky in the aspect I stick almost exclusively with wires that are 14g or fatter.