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  1. Hello friends! I am trying to do a thing! But I am bad at math. Here are the details: I made a pair of earrings from a (slightly modified) pattern I got out of a magazine. I will post pictures. I liked how they came out so much that I decided to make a matching bracelet. Not biggie, just took the same pattern for the earrings and repeated it until I got a nice length for a bracelet. Now I want to make a necklace. However, this is where I've reached a problem: due to the way this pattern/piece naturally falls, I can't use the same method that I did with the bracelet, because it will not lay correctly across the collarbones (and I do not want to make it a choker). Here are some pictures of what I already made, so you can get an idea: Earrings: Bracelet: Both: The largest rings are 16g 3/8", the medium rings are 16g 1/4", and the smaller rings around the outsides are 19g 5/32". The connecting rings are both 20g, 1/8" and 3/32". What I want to do is make the necklace in the same style (alternating larger and smaller rings), but I want it to be graduated. So 1 large ring (or 3-5 slightly smaller rings) in the center, and then a small ring, then another large one that is just slightly smaller than the first, then another small ring just slightly smaller than the first small one, etc. until they reach the same size or just lightly smaller than the rings I used for the original patterns, and then I will finish the necklace with a chain. So my question is this: would someone please do the math for me to figure out the best sizes for the rings? I have been trying for literal months, but I am just so bad at it, and I can't afford to just buy all the sizes and just hope it works. Thank you in advance!