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  1. Chaosity - yeah I'm the UK but it's hard to find good niobium here so sometimes I buy from the US. sir_osis - thanks it is indeed black granite. A few years ago my mother had her bathroom floor tiled in black granite and she saved the left overs for me.
  2. Mixes available here: http://www.spiderchain.com/
  3. Update: The Miss Universe contestant didn't make it into the final (I think maybe she wasn't skeletal enough!!!) but she did buy the bracelet. :(Now I'll have to make another as I planned on keeping that one!
  4. Legba3

    Behind the trends

    My daughter and my friends daughter would kill for that!
  5. Legba3

    Half Glove (Pic Heavy)

    *drool ...... fizz bang* Damn there goes my keyboard! *drool*
  6. Legba3

    My first commissioned sale!!

  7. Legba3

    TRL's small scales.

    tee hee For me the best thing about the Zena show was Bruce Campbell as Autolycus.
  8. Legba3

    Eight is enough.

    I so love this but it keeps making think of hentai, oh my poor sick and twisted mind!
  9. Legba3

    Lots of earrings (and one necklace) (pic heavy)

    Very pretty Narrina, you are a master of colour combos.
  10. Legba3

    So many keys, must be a janitor.

    Derailed, you are the Master animal sculptor.
  11. Legba3

    some stuff

    Fabulous! I looooove the scarf and the skull makes a great prop.
  12. Legba3

    my pets collar

    A beautiful collar for a beautiful pet. Sorry she is no longer with you
  13. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    I've been told I should post these here so... This is MKI & MKII, MKIII to follow. All copper 1.2mm, 1mm & 0.8mm wire 7mm, 5mm, 4mm, 3mm & 2.5mm ID. Boxchain, Persian Dragonscale, Spiral Chain & Euro 4in1. More pics on my Flickr site, link below.
  14. Legba3

    what is the best weave

    I've used both HP3in1 ans HP4in1 for wrapping coins and cabs but this one would work well too: http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=5179
  15. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    Here's a dragon keychain based on Derailed great tut on MAIL. Mine varies a little as I used different ring sizes and had to adjust the connections between head and neck. 1.2mm BA 5mm ID, 0.9mm bronze 5mm, 4mm & 3mm ID with TRL's small stainless steel scales. and a large split ring. BTW I have loads of these large split rings for trade.
  16. Legba3

    ATTENTION! I was hacked!

    Yes I had an email from someone claiming to be you but it was pretty obvious it wasn't you. Hope you get it sorted soon.
  17. Legba3

    Multiple Peices one costume

    Love those black scales, looks awesome.
  18. Legba3

    Happy Solstice!

    Happy belated solstice. For once it wasn't raining here!!!
  19. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    Thanks guys. BTW I discovered that the weave I used on the top of the bronze dragon is this: http://www.mailleartisans.org/weaves/subcat.cgi?mode=weave&key=245
  20. Legba3


    Very cool CShake but your submission needs some attention!
  21. Legba3

    Puff the magic....

    Well you've totally outdone my dragons.
  22. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    Here's a pic of one of my brother's dragons (no maille).
  23. Legba3

    This should be fun.

    Go for the more delicate pliers for aluminum. For the Hauberk I've seen some awesome shirts built from HP Sheets so you could reinforce the sides, shoulders and even the front and back with some Half Persian sheet. Although the weak spots are often under the arms but you don't want anything to bulky there. Have fun.
  24. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    I had seen a maille dragon somewhere before (long ago) using Box chain for the body and always wanted to make one. I just couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make a stable and nicely shaped Dragon head out of maille (without it being really big). So I started messing with wire, after a few prototypes I finally got something I thought would work. I also had a little inspiration from my brother who used to make wire dragons which were kinda skeletal and had soldered spikes on them.
  25. Legba3

    Maille and wire work dragons

    Bronze is harder than copper but it was better for this job because it holds it's shape better. I had to hammer the copper to harden it up a bit.