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    18g full persian necklace

    Wowzers! That's just beautiful!
  2. Legba3

    Cab wrap with wire finish.

    This is awesome! Would you please consider writing a tut for this to submit to MAIL, I know there are a lot of people who would be very happy?
  3. Legba3

    New piece

    Their gorgeous questor, I love the first one.
  4. Legba3

    Couple bracelets - first attempts

    Great work. Another victim falls to the addiction that is maille!
  5. Legba3

    scale mail shirt, bronze armour WIP

    Very nice work.
  6. Legba3

    Playing with Orbitals

    Interesting! I like the first one.
  7. Legba3


  8. Legba3

    Liver of Sulfur and Aging Copper Question

    Haha no it won't smell after it's washed off and you can use a small paintbrush to paint it on so avoiding the areas you don't want aged.
  9. Legba3

    NewBB Needs Direction Please

    I got mine on ebay but any jewellery tools suppliers will have them. I won't post links as all my sources are in the UK but others here will know suppliers in the US.
  10. Legba3


    No but I think it's possible. Or at least a web if not a sheet.
  11. Legba3


    It does say AR of 4-5 above. For a sheet I would lean towards 5.
  12. Legba3

    NewBB Needs Direction Please

    For cutting rings for making jewellery, you want a jeweller's saw. It's the best way to get nice clean flush cuts and can be used on most metals. Start with copper to practice, it's cheap easy to find and similar to sterling (if it's half hard), you may even find some for free in the guise of old electrical cable. Here are a couple useful links. http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=23142 http://www.mailleartisans.org/articles/articledisplay.cgi?key=22794
  13. Legba3


    Yep I'm purposely not using the exact spelling, with an 'e' was a name I used many years ago in a role playing game.
  14. Legba3

    Sterling HP 4-1

    Yep it was me. Lovely job!
  15. Legba3

    Fun picture

    Here's some pics of the red noses we all wore. Our modified ones for the pirate theme and Aura wearing a digital one cause she wouldn't wear a real one!
  16. Legba3

    Four new pieces.

    All very nice, great cab wrap. If I had to pick a fav it would be the Dragonback.
  17. Legba3

    new piece

    Very nice, such a sophisticated looking weave.
  18. Legba3

    Fun picture

    Lenny didn't host this year, it was a number of people including Jonathan Ross (Wossy) and Divina MacCall. The trouble with the TV show is that it's interspersed with very funny moments and heartbreaking moments. One story was of a little boy (8 years old) in Uganda who, of no fault of his own had AIDs. AIDs was not killing him but TB was, the TB had spread to his brain and he could not move much or speak, all he could do was feel. His two 8 year friends went to see him everyday and held his hands and rubbed his arms. His grandmother would carry him miles to see a doctor who could do nothing for him because the drugs he needed were not available. You could see the pain and fear in his eyes, and then he died. This was just one of the stories shown and it would take a very hard heart not to respond to them. Well Guin I could say the same about your little girl there, it's amazing how quickly they grow, we are so blessed to have them and so lucky to be living in developed countries.
  19. For something a little different you could use a weave that would require the pendant to be fixed to it instead of hanging form a chain like weave. There are lots of weaves this could work with but to tie in with the dragon theme may I suggest Dragonscale or Tao Dragon Tail. Have look over at M.A.I.L in the weaves library and see if there is anything else (I'm sure there will be as there are now well over 800 weaves).
  20. Legba3

    Fun picture

  21. Legba3

    Fun picture

    It's Red Nose Day in the UK today and my son and me have been dressed up as pirates all day! Ash's nose wouldn't stay on so he had to hold it. Aura copying me
  22. Legba3

    Two more weaves for me...

    Look for reclaimed copper or old electrical cable, this can be very cheap or even free.
  23. Legba3

    Two more weaves for me...

    .... makes 160! Cuts could be better on these but I'm being lazy and using a Dremel! Talia's Open Road in 1.2mm & 1mm copper, 5mm & 3mm ID. The AR could be a little tighter but I still like the way it turned out. And zapata's Elfin, this has been in MAILs library for as long as I can remember but I've never seen a submitted pic of it. I've been meaning to make some for ages and finally got around to it. 1.2mm copper 5mm ID. Side view