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  1. Legba3

    Happy Halloween

    Awesome. I bet that was the best costume for several hundred miles.
  2. Legba3

    Scale Flower Attaching

    I've actually made remembrance poppies from TRLs scales since last year and I found these broach backs that have 3 holes in them pics below. This is the first one I've made with a leaf and it looks messy at the back, something I need to work on but connecting the flower neatly was easy. The backs came from ebay, like these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/job-lot-jewellery-making-broach-back-findings-/140469435929?pt=UK_Crafts_JewelleryMaking_GL&hash=item20b4a17e19
  3. Legba3

    Scale Flower Help

    I wrote that tut and gave it to MAIL, the rings sizes I used are: 1.6mm (16 gauge SWG, 14 gauge AWG) 10mm ID (0.39inch) and 6.7mm ID (0.26 inch). You can alter these sizes slightly and if you use the 10mm ID rings for all the rings you can easily make the 6 petal version. These sizes work well for the overlapping petals but if don't overlap all the petals you will have more scope to use different size rings. I haven't tried any other sizes but hopefully this is still helpful.
  4. Legba3

    Titanium Bullwhip 60" weapon

  5. Legba3

    Overlapping petal flowers

    Made from TRL anodized aluminum scales sewn onto fabric. Crystals added. As seen on American Idol Gives Back Special on April 21st 2010 www.michaelschmidtstudios.com

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  6. Legba3

    Sterling silver 6 petal flower


    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  7. Legba3

    Bernice's Light Tent

    LOL my cats sleep in my light box too!
  8. Legba3

    Oops! Bracelet

    Oops! or Unbalanced 4in1 in sterling and bronze 0.9mm wire 3mm ID

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  9. Legba3

    Japanese Ball earring

    The niobium is 0.6mm 2.7mm ID, sterling is a little bigger at 0.8mm 3mm ID. Overall approx 10mm diameter.
  10. Legba3

    Not Tao 8

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  11. Legba3

    AA 6 petal flower


    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  12. Legba3

    AA 6 petal flower

    All rings are 1.6mm aluminum 10mm ID
  13. Thanks for the compliment you posted in the Gallery! :-)

  14. Legba3

    Spirally Goodness

    A weave by cjwj in 1.29mm stainless steel 6.1mm ID

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  15. Legba3

    Spirally Goodness

    Wow what a compliment, thank you. The weave was named Spirally Goodness when it was first posted on MAIL but the official name is Candy Cane Cord (CCC) by cjwj and can be found in MAIL's weave library under that name, there is also a tutorial that I wrote for it.
  16. Legba3


    OK thanks very much
  17. Legba3


    Quick question about points. I have, according to my account, bought enough to have 239 points but it also says on my account that I have '130 total points accumulated' and '130 points remaining". So why is there a difference between the points on what I've bought and the points I have accumulated when I haven't used any? Thanks
  18. Looking forward to receiving the large AA scales

  19. Legba3

    Fatal Gear

    Original, like it.
  20. Legba3

    Lampwork and Silver Necklace by Lawless Lady

    Beautifully done LL
  21. Legba3

    Persephone 6 Flower

    Bronze wire 0.9mm 4mm ID

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  22. Legba3

    Wrecking ruins mailling!!

    When I rode a bike many years ago I was told to always remember that everyone else on the road is an idiot who's out to kill you. Sorry about one idiot finding you, hope you and bike are all better soon.
  23. Legba3

    WANTED: Silver Lock

    I don't know if these are functional, they appear to be, maybe worth asking them. http://symbolictreasures.com/index.php?cPath=25&osCsid=tlbv84ur9vhvg3h6cjk374nnh5
  24. Legba3

    MWW are running their own ads

    Considering Blue Buddha and Chainweavers are both going to be advertising, I don't think most maillers would see it as annoying.
  25. Maillers Worldwide have now gotten rid of the annoying adverts down the right hand side of the pages, hooray! This means there is now space there available to rent to advertise related businesses and products. I am very keen to keep the ads relevant so some may not make it. There is a test ad there to show that we can add text and pics and if you have an advert you'd like to place that is designed and ready to go I would just need you to send it to me in a .JPG format. Ideally send me the whole ad as a .JPG and then it will appear exactly as you want it to. An ad the size of the test ad will be $6 (£4) a month and an ad double that size will be $10 (£7) a month. The text, pic and/or whole design can be sent to me via email and once the ad is placed I will send a money request via Paypal. After one month I will send out reminders to renew, replace or remove. All proceeds will go into running the MWW site and contribute to competition prizes. Happy mailling