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  1. Legba3

    Some Projects (Project Heavy)

    All good stuff but the Elf weave ring is my fav.
  2. Legba3

    Archery bracer : Request for comments!

    I agree with this, the thought of shooting with this bracer is a little frightening. An archery bracer really should have smooth inside. Other than that it looks good.
  3. Legba3

    Learned something new

    Lovely necklace Narrina
  4. Legba3

    Mega Maille project under way

    Impressive stuff. Anyone seen Dreemr's mega maille in MAIL's Gallery, It's a byzantine post for his mail box. http://www.mailleartisans.org/gallery/pics/149069d_mbox_byza.jpg
  5. Legba3


    Hey Rogue nice to see you around. I haven't made any pop tab maille so bit of a useless post but wanted to say hi.
  6. Legba3

    First impressions of scale-maille

    I found it easier to add two split rings to each scale before putting them together, sounds a pain but really helped.
  7. Legba3

    Summer in Somerset

    Sterling, fine and Argentium silver with Eurasian Jay feathers, Labradorite and barley twist cut Quartz. Jens Pind linkage chains 0.6mm 1.9mm ID.

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  8. Legba3

    American Porcupine Quill pendant

    With Euro 4in1 0.6mm wire, 1.9mm ID, large ring 1.5mm wire 10mm ID, all sterling.

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  9. You may also be interested in this site:


  10. Legba3

    Death in Paradise

    All sterling silver including life size hummingbird skull and Impeyan Pheasant feathers. 0.8mm & 1mm wire 5mm, 3mm & 2.6mm ID, hummingbird skull from billyblue: http://www.etsy.com/shop/billyblue22 Impeyan feathers from Hawaiian Feathers: http://www.hawaiianfeathers.com/

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  11. Legba3

    My Birthday Tattoo...

    Absolutely fabulous, love it, one of the best I've seen, better than my maille tat :-(
  12. Legba3

    Angstro Mail

    haha now make a scale model
  13. Legba3

    Request for criticism on my latest project

    Yes that looks better (not that it didn't look good before).
  14. Legba3

    Somebody Else's Micromail Project

    OMG totally awesome.
  15. Legba3

    Announcing Scale Flower Kits !

    Bought the instructions, made the flowers, posted in the Gallery and here: Now I wanna make a sterling one!
  16. Legba3

    TRLs scale flowers

    Made from TRLs instructions and as pendants.

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  17. Legba3

    Request for criticism on my latest project

    Yep I was thinking the same thing, maybe make the scales longer in the middle. Great job.
  18. Legba3

    Persephone 5 Flower

    Bronze wire 0.9mm, 6mm & 4mm ID

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  19. Would you consider delivery to the UK and if so let me know the total cost of a pound? Thanks
  20. Legba3

    sad day

    I am so sorry to hear this news, my thoughts are with you and your family. I will miss Pascal.
  21. Legba3

    Robin Hood

    Woohoo! Made by Brits!
  22. Legba3

    Miley Cyrus $25,000 scale outfit

    I can buy 1000 full length Peacock feathers for £160 but those long blue feathers look like Macaw and they are Very expensive.
  23. Legba3

    Well that was quick!

    I'm impressed, I really expected this order to take much longer to get here. I ordered 100 sterling scales on 16th April and they arrived, at my door in the UK today 1st May. Thank you TRL, I will be sure to have more of these in future.
  24. Legba3

    Glow stick keychain - glowing

    Aluminum Roundmaille with enough space inside for a mini glow stick (1.5mm), replaceable.

    © © Corvus Chainmaille