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  1. Legba3

    Earrings for some friends

    All lovely especially the Mobius Rosette ones and the fruit loops are priceless.
  2. Legba3

    Glow stick keychain

    Aluminum Roundmaille with enough space inside for a mini (1.5inch) glow stick (replaceable).

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  3. Legba3

    Japanese fish style scale armor

    Nice, I like the convex shape of the scales. Would this type have only been used around the head and neck or would it be employed elsewhere on the body?
  4. Legba3


    Very nice maille and clasp.
  5. Legba3

    small scale and weaving dexterity

    Persevere. Split rings are awkward but worth it in the end. I found it a little easier if I put 2 split rings on every scale before starting to weave, it's a pain but does help a little.
  6. Legba3

    More scales on American Idol

    Looks amazing, was this made by Michael Schmidt?
  7. Here: http://suzanne.net.au/craft_chainmaille_weaves.html some are linked which is fine but some are hosted by the person which is not ok. There are loads of mine and her info is often incorrect. Better have a look and see if there are any of yours. The contact form on the site didn't seem to be working but I found two email address for the person if you need to contact her. suedavis3@lycos.com suedebyga@gmail.com I suspect the second is the valid one. Really is it too much trouble for these people to just ask???
  8. Legba3

    More images being used without permission

    You obviously haven't bothered to read all the posts here. Narrina - I have been back to have a look and the chainmaille pages are not there at all at the moment. This could be because she is changing them, I will keep checking back. EDIT: all still there despite her telling me it was all done!
  9. Legba3

    NEW Instantaneous Shipping

    Gee, that's one BIG cow!
  10. Legba3

    More images being used without permission

    It turns out she is a very understanding and co-operative lady so just contact her if you have any problems with your images on her site.
  11. Legba3

    NEW Instantaneous Shipping

    Damn! If only it didn't damage the fabric of time and space. Which is what I wonder, denim, velor?
  12. Legba3

    More images being used without permission

    Some images are linked which is fine but others she is hosting herself which is what I object to. Also many of the images are taken directly from the MAIL site which is illegal. No Martin it was brought to my attention by another mailler who's images were there without his permission. Anyway.... OK I've had a response and it's a good one. I believe she is either removing my images or linking them instead of hosting them herself (which is fine by me). So I suggest anyone who objects to their images being hosted there emails her and asks for them to linked instead or removed. This is the email address I used suedebyga@gmail.com
  13. Hello, thanks for the nice words.


  14. Just popped in to send potential customers your way! :o)

  15. Legba3

    Tumbling media for copper and sterling silver

    I use a rotary tumbler and I use ceramic shapes and water to de-burr, for this I only tumble for an hour maybe two. Then to polish I use stainless shot, water and a burnishing soap (you can also use dish soap as long as it's not an antibacterial one) this can go from 2 hours anywhere up to 5-6 but that's not really necessary, 4 will usually be plenty. I have never known stainless shot to mark copper or sterling silver but ceramic shapes can if left to tumble too long. For more info on tumbling PM Kodiak http://www.theringlord.org/forum/Index.php?/user/831-kodiaknamaste/ he's knows all there is to know about tumbling.
  16. Legba3

    Megara (Byzantine variation)

    A weave by Corvus Chainmaille. Megara is a Byzantine variation named after the ancient city in Attica Greece where the founders of Byzantium originated from. This sample is made from 1mm & 1.2mm copper wire 4mm & 6mm ID (ARs of 4 & 5).

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  17. Legba3

    Leather Corset

    Fabulous! Great work and looks awesome on you.
  18. Legba3

    Coquille Wave (Celtic Visions variation)

    1.2mm copper wire 6mm & 4mm ID

    © © Corvus Chainmaille

  19. Legba3

    Any hen keepers here?

    Free range chookies Hahahahahahahahahaha
  20. Legba3

    Any hen keepers here?

    I got 4 hens for Mother's Day (UK date) and wondered if there was anyone here who keeps hens that I could pick up some tips from? Here's my set up.
  21. Legba3

    Any hen keepers here?

    The light is a little wind up torch so it doesn't stay on for long. They are Black Rocks (hybrids of Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock) and Bluebells (another hybrid but don't know what of). Both hybrids are said to lay on average 300 eggs a year each. I think we are about a month off of them starting to lay.
  22. Legba3

    Any hen keepers here?

    It would appear that yes they are afraid of the dark! Hopefully eggs and feathers will be provided.
  23. Legba3

    Any hen keepers here?

    They have all the supplements they need including oyster shell and sand, they are getting layers pellets, mixed corn, mealworms and veggies. They are 19 weeks old so not fully grown yet and won't be laying for another month or so. They eat from my hand and follow me around the garden. BTW the coop is for only when I'm not around (and while they are settling in) the rest of the time they are free range in our walled garden. Believe it or not the run was originally half that size and was advertised as being big enough for 6! I made it bigger and have 4 in there. The only snag I've had so far is that they wouldn't go into the house at night, another hen keeper told me to put a torch in the house as it was getting dark and lo and behold they all went in.
  24. Legba3

    New to copper

    Can't really help with TRLs sizing but I looooove copper. I think you will get to really like it too.
  25. The tumbler is probably the easiest way but I know toothpaste brings silver up lovely and wouldn't hurt the Swarovski. Vinegar cleans copper and brass well but I have no idea if this would damage the Swarovski, for this you just cover the item in vinegar and swish around a bit (just a few seconds, not too long).