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    Use the right forum damn it!

    I have surprised myself in that I've read through every post in here! Surely I have something better to do...........*wanders off*
  2. Legba3


    That's lovely. 1mm copper isn't so bad but might need a small repair now and then. I'll admit that Aura has a habit of being a little delicate and can pull apart (watch those middle rings) but that's what gives it the look we all like, right?
  3. Legba3

    Bronze Twisted Wire Necklace

    I always get a little thrill when I see a post from you and this doesn't disappoint. I have also recently become a fan of bronze. Lovely design and gorgeous colours.
  4. Legba3

    what weave is this?

    Byzanclean but with orbitals, so Orbital Byzanclean???
  5. Legba3

    Haven't posted for a while...

    Thanks Dan
  6. Legba3

    Artsy pics (lots of them)

    All sterling 1mm wire Byzantine 3.2mm ID, HP4in1 5mm ID on black mirror.
  7. Well ok I suppose if money is tight I choose copper but I nearly always have some silver available. At this moment in time I have about 16-17 troy ounces of sterling (just bought about 13 of those) but I am still making and selling more in copper. And the question did state if money was no object
  8. Legba3

    Hmmm... Guess You Get Deleted after a couple years

    I'm pretty sure that's there just for size comparison.
  9. Legba3

    Fun picture

    Oh that's so cool!
  10. Legba3

    Hmmm... Guess You Get Deleted after a couple years

    Oooo shiny! Lovely work.
  11. Legba3

    Dice Bag!

    Yay! A stripey dice bag!
  12. Legba3

    other one that's still alive

    Hey pascal, it's really good to see you around again. Glad to hear your pain is gone although a major thing to have to go through. *hug*
  13. Legba3

    I'm Back

    Happy mailling
  14. Legba3

    HOLY CRAP, I'm not dead

    I remember you well enough and it's good to see you around again. Good to hear you are on the mend, sounds like it was a rough couple years. Don't forget to say hello on MAIL too.
  15. Legba3

    First Jewelry Projects

    I like the last one and the use of colour in it.
  16. I find it almost impossible to choose between sterling silver and pure copper.
  17. Legba3

    For all you guitar pickers.

    OMG I love Joe Satriani! Surfing with the Alien is still one of my all time fav albums.
  18. Legba3

    A Wee Request

    I'm sure this shouldn't be in 'Gallery'.
  19. Legba3

    From maile to Knight

    Absolutely awesome. I made a pair of plate gauntlets many years ago so I have some idea of the work you have put into this. Kudos.
  20. Legba3

    Japanese Dragonscale

    After paula gave her kind permission to post her tut for this and Triangles on MAIL, I just had to give it another try. A coaster! It does not bend, it was a b***h to make and yes I know there are one or two dodgy closures but hell it's a miracle it got finished! 1.2mm copper 8mm & 4mm ID. and in use
  21. Legba3

    Japanese Dragonscale

    Yes different ring sizes work but the results vary so it's best to try out a small patch and see. It is a Jack Skellington purse, we have Jack all over our house but no cookie jar (
  22. Legba3

    HAppy 1st Birthday Lucy.

    OMG how time has flown, a whole year! She's beautiful. Happy Birthday Lucy.
  23. Legba3

    Upgrayedd's crib

    Very nice work and cool photos.
  24. Legba3


    .....a unit weave by paula and has been in the weaves library on MAIL for as long as I can remember. It's tricky to get the ring sizes just right, very easy to have it so tight it pulls itself apart or just that little bit too loose that it doesn't quite hold it's shape. I tried it out in copper first, 1.2mm wire 7mm & 6mm ID and 1mm wire 4mm ID. Then I tried it in sterling silver 1mm wire 6mm & 5mm ID, 0.8mm wire 4mm & 3mm ID. This is standing up on some Strangemaille. The silver in those sizes has a habit of curving so I added a couple more rings here and there to hold it convex and a ruby bead. Also I stumbled upon a HP3in1 variant that wasn't in the library. I've called it GFD (Grounds For Divorce). 1.2mm copper wire 6mm ID.
  25. Legba3