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    My first piece?????

    Our dining table was taken over by maille some years ago, I think it was cleared and used as a dining table once in the last 3 years! Very nice piece!
  2. Legba3


    I can do that if you want me to Paula. Let me know how you would like them to look (if I should copy straight from your site or something different, email me maybe). And thanks for the sweet little unit, they've had a lot of attention at the show I did yesterday.
  3. Legba3


    As far as I know there is no tut (not on MAIL at least), I made these from the pic in the weave submission.
  4. Legba3


    Yeah I know, I only see these things after I take a pic (maybe my eyesight is finally failing). Bernice - the copper Triangle is solid, doesn't move at all and is so tight it's in danger of pulling itself apart (however it hasn't done so yet). The silver one (without bead) is a little looser but still doesn't move much. The one with the bead has some extra rings at the corners to hold it in the convex shape so that one doesn't move either but isn't totally solid. The iron spiral is something I made on the blacksmithing course I did last year. The guy running the classes can knock then out in 10 minutes but it took me nearly an hour to make mine!
  5. Legba3

    recent basic banner

    Well I'm impressed. I find inlays tricky and rarely attempt them. Hey maybe I can trade in the husband for a nice bike.
  6. Legba3

    Man and Beast (Inlay)

    I said it on MAIL and I'll say it again...totally and completely awesome.
  7. Legba3

    recent basic banner

    *jaw hits floor* Yeah right! It's fab, now if only I had the bike to go with it....
  8. Legba3

    Another first time Inlay...

    Very cool, I too really like the charms.
  9. Legba3

    Fishing with scales

    Interesting....fishing has just become my new love.
  10. Legba3

    Need a tutorial

    Sign up and submit
  11. Legba3

    Evening Gowns and Chainmaille?!?

    Very nice! What a great combo, evening gown and maille.
  12. Legba3

    All of my jewelry work so far. Critiques please?

    It all looks pretty good but this bracelet stands out the most to me. It's a fabulous design, original, simple and striking.
  13. Legba3

    Recent work (rather pic heavy)

    ........ yeah as above. I'm kinda running out of new things to say about your work because it's always beautiful. I love your eye for colour combos and I love your new weaves.
  14. Legba3

    Snakes for background

    Absolutely fantastic! The snake is just beautiful and so yes is way too distracting from the maille (also beautiful) but I love it. Thanks for posting.
  15. Legba3

    First attempt at sculpture and a bad pun

    That's awesome!
  16. Legba3

    Some of my newer work

    Lovely work, I really like the Aura necklace (of course )
  17. Legba3

    This is why the fight started:

    Oops sorry
  18. Legba3

    What colour should I dye my hair?

    As long as you don't mind washing your hair hundreds of times you can use petroleum jelly to cover the hair you don't want dyed (while doing the black). Then after making sure it's all gone do the blue part.
  19. Legba3

    New Dancing Belt

    Very pretty, I love it.
  20. Legba3

    Fun picture

    Another peacock butterfly sat still for long enough today! and an Oak Eggar Moth caterpillar.
  21. Legba3

    What colour should I dye my hair?

    I like the idea of a blue with some pink or pink with some blue. You could dip dye and have a purple/violet bit in the middle. I recently dyed mine a colour called Cyber Purple which is more subdued than it sounds so I'm trying out Mystic Violet next.
  22. Legba3

    This is why the fight started:

    My husband actually told me these! ..................... How are husbands like lawn mowers? They're hard to get started, they emit noxious odors, and half the time they don't work. ...................... How can you tell when a man is well hung? When you can just barely slip your finger between his neck and the noose. .................... Why do little boys whine? They are practicing to be men.
  23. As said above but try to get daylight bulbs for the lightbox and you will get better results with the light source coming into the box from more than one angle. I have a bulb on either side and one at the top. Nice maille.
  24. Legba3

    Superman Bookmark - well sorta

    Cute and pretty.
  25. Legba3

    Recent Work

    Lovely as usual.