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  1. Legba3

    Fun picture

    I don't use a special lens just the one on the camera, it's a Canon Powershot G10. There are more macro shots on my Flickr site in the 'Macro' set.
  2. Legba3

    help with a weave

    I've just seen this, if you need any more help feel free to PM or email me and I'll try to help.
  3. Legba3

    Fun picture

    Butterfly macros Large White Peacock butterfly wing
  4. Legba3

    A little something for my BEST friend!

    Beautiful maille and gorgeous dog
  5. Legba3

    TRL's small scales.

    I had to post this here as a couple years ago my husband bought 10,000 small stainless steel scales and 20,000 small split rings from TRL for my combined Christmas and birthday present. I've made one or two little things with them but this is the first larger finished item and now he is talking about buying me some of the large scales (if only the shipping and customs charges weren't such killers). Originally this had no backing but I wasn't keen on it bunching up when hanging down and it was a tad scratchy. So I've made a red nubuck leather backing for it. There are a couple things that could be improved and no doubt it will be tweeked and fiddled with in future. However the scales are just drool worthy and my heart skips a beat whenever I think of the sterling ones available. Without backing With backing
  6. Legba3

    18+ Chat Room

    What do you call a blond with 2 brain cells? Pregnant. .............................. What does it mean when a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name? You didn't hold the pillow down long enough. ............................. How many men does it take to screw in a light bulb? ONE......He just holds it up there and waits for the world to revolve around him. Sorry had to even out the blond jokes
  7. Legba3

    TRL's small scales.

    That can't be Mermaid Man he doesn't have a shell bra.
  8. Legba3

    Wire wrapping and HP 3/1

    OMG Leo! That is stunning. I've tried a bit of wire wrapping but I could never make something like that. Amazing work.
  9. Legba3

    Just had to share...

    ...a new weave for me. This weave has been in MAILs library for as long as I can remember but I've never seen a post anywhere else of it. Bore Worm in 0.9mm bronze 5mm ID. This was really tricky to get right, not so much the weave itself but the AR. It's very AR sensitive, I tried 1mm wire 5mm ID and although it was possible to make, it was so tight that it was totally rigid. Then I tried it with 1mm wire 6mm ID and even after doubling up the middle rings it was still so loose as to not hold it's shape at all. So an AR of 5.5 is flexible but still hold it's shape. Also my first stab at Turkish Orbital 1mm BA 6mm ID, this was also a little too tight but I got such a cool pic of it. There is no photoshopping involved in these pics, it's purely reflection from the black mirror. Second attempt 0.9mm bronze 6mm ID (AR of 6.6) was pretty much spot on size wise and also got a cool pic.
  10. Legba3

    Just had to share...

    Bronze is similar to copper springback wise but it does vary depending on the bronze. I know it's not very helpful but I think you'll just have to try it out with what you have and see what works. Just a note on the tutorial over on MAIL. I found it easier to add the three 'extending' (as in extending the chain) rings first and then the 'orbiting' (not that it really orbits) ring. Thank you Leo, you're so sweet :-)
  11. Legba3

    After years of work, and pain, it is done!

    I feel your pain as my very first project was a shirt all hand wound, cut and woven but boy was it worth it, This looks awesome, very nice work and you should have a huge sense of achievement finishing it.
  12. Legba3

    Little brass rings go a long way

    Gorgeous chain.
  13. Legba3

    Examples of one month's accomplishments

    Looking great.
  14. Legba3

    My little meditative project. Turkish round.

    I would keep it (unless your itching to maille), I think it's lovely.
  15. Legba3

    My little meditative project. Turkish round.

    I think the tightness of such a weave depends on personal taste and I may well have made it a little tighter. However this looks gorgeous, very nice work.
  16. Legba3

    Water Dragon Bracelets

    Great stuff, I must have a go at this weave soon.
  17. Legba3

    You know you need to stop weaving an go to bed when.....

    When you nod off while weaving and dream about weaving.
  18. Legba3

    Derailed Compendium

    It's not often I say "awwwwww" at a spider!
  19. Legba3

    Derailed Compendium

    I still love that laced cuff and the sculpture is all fantastic. I also really like seeing all together like this, not that I thought the gallery was being cluttered (I looked forward to seeing your posts) but it's just really cool seeing all the animals together. Derailed's zoo!
  20. Legba3

    I need more entries

    I'm really surprised you need more entries, I thought it was a great idea and the chance of winning something is exciting. I have entered, come on people you could win handmade jewellery!
  21. Legba3

    Fun picture

  22. Legba3

    Not another animal.

    Yep that's gorgeous.
  23. Legba3


    Love it, as expected.
  24. Legba3

    Half Glove (Pic Heavy)

    Always price higher, it's easier to lower a price than up it. Personally I would price one at around $150 and two at around $290 or maybe even more. There is after all a lot of work involved in making something like these and in the right market you could easily double that.
  25. I finished the Euro 4in1 bias bracelet in Spider's yummy niobium. The middle part is in 'Water' mix and the ends are in 'Earth' mix 0.8mm 2.2mm ID. I haven't made any Viperscale for ages and I really like this weave so I decided to make in sterling with extra little rings on the edges (thanks for that Leo, I'm pretty sure it was a piece by you that had the extra rings). Sprung sterling 1mm 6mm ID and 0.8mm 3mm ID.