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  1. They have all the supplements they need including oyster shell and sand, they are getting layers pellets, mixed corn, mealworms and veggies. They are 19 weeks old so not fully grown yet and won't be laying for another month or so. They eat from my hand and follow me around the garden.

    BTW the coop is for only when I'm not around (and while they are settling in) the rest of the time they are free range in our walled garden. Believe it or not the run was originally half that size and was advertised as being big enough for 6! I made it bigger and have 4 in there.

    The only snag I've had so far is that they wouldn't go into the house at night, another hen keeper told me to put a torch in the house as it was getting dark and lo and behold they all went in.

  2. As I live in the UK I have first hand experience of the NHS and it is, what's commonly known here, as a postcode (zipcode) lottery on what quality of care you get.

    My own personal experience revealed that unless you make a big fuss you won't get what you need. All very well for healthy people but someone who is ill can't always make a big fuss.

    The problem in my opinion is that it's fallen fowl to red tape, too many managers and not enough well paid care givers. Those doing the job because they care, are overworked, underpaid and under appreciated, while those sitting on their leather chairs in comfortable offices are too removed from reality to know what real nursing is.

  3. To answer the original question, yes, chainmaille is art, or at least my local Art Gallery thinks so as they have some of my work.

    Although, having said that they didn't think so a couple years ago and weren't interested....until people started asking them about my work that they had seen elsewhere.

    Maybe try some different places and before too long these guys will change their minds!

  4. Selling to friends and family is completely different.

    Pricing depends on what it is, what it's made of, how long it takes you to make it and where it's being sold. Most of my sales are commissioned pieces and I can charge quite a bit for them as they are custom made for the buyer. Also I sell in an art gallery and they put their own commission on top of the price I ask, e.g. HP4in1 7inch bracelet in sterling my price £100, their price £164. And yes it still sells!

    I price like this:

    Materials x2 +

    any other expenses, tools, heat, light (all minimal) +

    a fair hourly rate (remember that jeweller's often charge in excess of £30 an hour)

  5. Legba,

    After looking at all the beautiful chain mail jewelry you've made and how far you've come the past few years

    in being able to publish it on the web, plus your new Website -

    I have the opinion that you could publish an awe inspiring Book of Chain Mail Jewelry all of your own making.

    Wow thanks Tori, that would be super cool!

  6. No I didn't do anything else in the book, only a couple Gallery pics and yes those closures are shocking (perhaps they should have got me do it!).

    As you say there are a few interesting things inside but it's not much for more experienced jewellers. Really this is a book for craft shops. Also I don't think anyone already making maille will find anything in there they haven't already seen.

    The up side is I have a credit in the back with my web address, so I'm happy.

  7. ... well, a couple of my pieces have.

    Amazon UK, it's out in the US in June/July I think.

    There's my copper Vipersacle 3rd down on the right.

    I don't have a copy yet but apparently it's been printed full page and there's something else of mine in there too.

    Also Art Jewelry magazine in the US are apparently featuring some of my Persian pieces in their upcoming April issue.

  8. Something a little funny happened a couple weeks back. My friend commissioned a pair of cuff links from me made from Japanese Balls in sterling silver, after a few prototypes to test size and strength I made some from 0.8mm wire, 2.5mm ID (with a couple 3mm ID rings as connectors for the chain). The whole ball is about 10mm diameter and has a small rose quartz bead in the middle.

    The funny thing is she gave to my husband for his 40th birthday!