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  1. People keep asking me about the strength of feathers and I would have asked similar questions myself a few years ago. Feathers are actually very strong even if you manage to bend the quill it is possible and reasonably easy to straighten them out again (I have done this with a feather one of my cats got hold of and it seemed destroyed but it now looks almost as good as new), same goes for the 'fluffy' bits of a feather, all you need is some patience and a little steam.

    I had a lady ask me for a pair of peacock feather earrings to replace some she bought in the 60s and had only just got to the point of no return. If you think about it they have to last the bird a whole year and that's out in all conditions.

    The ends of the lariat have 7 feathers in each end, they are pretty solid.

    I haven't made DC0 in any other metal yet but the pattern will be the same.

  2. Daisy Chain 0 was an accidental weave invention while trying to make Hoodoo with rings that were just a little too small. It is closely related to Elemental Dragon's Daisy Chain weaves (hence the name). Phong! came up with a much better explanation than I did so here it is (thanks Phong!)

    "This has side rings at every eye of the base chain (I would add here that the base chain is actually small bits of chain 3 rings long). Using the Daisy Chain relation, this would be Daisy Chain 0. DC 2 skips every 2 eyes; in the picture it goes skip, side, skip, skip, side, skip, skip, side... DC 1 skips every 1 eye; the picture goes side, skip, side, skip, side, skip... This one doesn't skip any eyes, so the logical progression for the name would be DC0."

    Brass, copper and nickle silver 1mm wire 3mm ID


    Also my latest feather item. Double sided feather lariat. The feathers are set in sterling silver ornate cones and the chain is all handmade fuzed 1mm fine silver, 3mm & 6mm ID (the 6mm ID rings are squashed then twisted to form a figure 8).

    The chain is 39 inches long and the feathers make the whole thing 49 inches long.





  3. Japanese Dragonscale units joined in an 'Aura' fashion in stainless steel 1.29mm 6.1mm ID, 0.81mm 5mm ID, 3.2mm ID & 3mm ID.



    Narrina's Celtic Labyrinth, not the chain version but the unit version joined into a chain (if that makes any sense???).

    All copper 1mm wire 4mm ID & 3mm ID, center ring 1.2mm wire 7mm ID.


    I have not made December before so I thought I'd have a go at that (I should have used bigger or less springy rings as my pliers bit me while making this).

    0.81mm stainless steel 2.9mm ID, center ring 1.29mm 6.1mm ID


    and some December earrings in sterling silver 1mm and 0.8mm wire 6mm ID and 2.6mm ID


  4. I do use 3 sizes for Stepping Stones and the weave submission has 3 but MaxumX wrote the tut with only 2. It can be made with 2 but I prefer 3 sizes.

    My best selling bracelet in Stepping Stones is 1.5mm wire 6mm ID, 1mm wire 3.5mm ID and for the connecting rings 0.8mm wire 2.6mm ID (the rings did end up a little larger due to springback). Those are the sizes I used in the original weave submission.