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  1. That's lovely. 1mm copper isn't so bad but might need a small repair now and then. I'll admit that Aura has a habit of being a little delicate and can pull apart (watch those middle rings) but that's what gives it the look we all like, right?

  2. But it becomes much easier when your purse starts to make the decision for you, no?

    Well ok I suppose if money is tight I choose copper but I nearly always have some silver available. At this moment in time I have about 16-17 troy ounces of sterling (just bought about 13 of those) but I am still making and selling more in copper. And the question did state if money was no object :P

  3. 3883600806_538edab8d9.jpg

    Six golems marching off to battle. The three on the left are mostly wearing armour out of my collection.

    The one furthest to the left is me, wearing my scale shirt, gambeson, gorget, pauldrons and coif. Next is my recently finished haubergon (Bright aluminium 14 ga. 5/16" with AA inlays on shoulders and back). Then the cheap Pakistani haubergon I modified, tweaked, and added scale patches on the shoulders to.

    Oh that's so cool! :D

  4. After paula gave her kind permission to post her tut for this and Triangles on MAIL, I just had to give it another try.

    A coaster!

    It does not bend, it was a b***h to make and yes I know there are one or two dodgy closures but hell it's a miracle it got finished!

    1.2mm copper 8mm & 4mm ID.



    and in use