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  1. Babloo123@

    Lorica sqamata

    any body interested buying Lorica sqamata made of Brass scale armor
  2. Babloo123@

    scale armor made of brass

    we are making scale mail armor made of brass 18 gauge if body interested, http://www.indiamart.com/roman-handicrafts/
  3. 9mm flatring round riveted made of stainless steel 18 gauge
  4. Babloo123@

    Looking for mailler quote on Tyrells chain Gorget

    hi bro i can give chainmail shirt
  5. we have in stock 9mm wedge riveted chainmail hauberk and haubergeon we are offering on good cost, rgds Babloo pal http://www.indiamart.com/roman-handicrafts/
  6. http://www.indiamart.com/roman-handicrafts/
  7. Babloo123@

    Riveted Hauberk help

    we are making quality 9mm flatring wedge riveted chainmail Hauberk made of mild steel 18 gauge
  8. Babloo123@

    Looking for maillers to waeve 4in1 patches

    Hello any body interested to buy riveted chainmail Hauberk coif haubergeon skirt we are making all riveted chainmail armor