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  1. dmgutenkauf

    just blah...

    Hey all... I'm just feeling blah. I don't feel like posting on facebook and have to deal with everyone I actually know, and I haven't been on the forums for a long time, so I thought I would see how everyone else is doing... So how's everyone else doing?
  2. dmgutenkauf

    My October "List Something Every Day" Campaign

    19 gauge Amethyst Enameled copper 3/16" rings
  3. dmgutenkauf

    My October "List Something Every Day" Campaign

    and day 3...
  4. So I keep thinking "I need to get going on that online selling stuff, so I finally decided to commit to posting something for sale on Etsy every day in October. I'll be posting my pics here from time to time as I go. I would love any feedback you have on the work. Also, I would very much appreciate feedback / critique on the photography, as I really don't know what I'm doing there. The first few pieces aren't terribly exciting, but here they are...
  5. dmgutenkauf

    Stainless Euro 4-1 Lace-up cuff

    18 gauge 3/16" stainless steel rings
  6. dmgutenkauf

    Amethyst Gothic Chainmaille Collar Choker Necklace

    19 gauge 3/16" Amethyst Enameled Copper. 19 Gauge EC oval chain. Ribbon lacing in the back. Modeled by my gorgeous wifey!
  7. dmgutenkauf

    22ga 1/8" ring strength and soldering

    I've had another thought. What about taking a completed ring made in a non-precious metal, and then dipping it in gold? Obviously I would need to somehow "hold" it in a round shape, as it would not be flexible after the dip. So two questions: 1) What metal would make the best base? I'm thinking brass? 2) How much of the maille pattern do you think would be lost after dipping?
  8. dmgutenkauf

    22ga 1/8" ring strength and soldering

    Hey all.. need some advise. I have a E6-1 ring I made for myself with 22ga 1/8" stainless rings. I'm considering duplicating this with a precious metal, most likely white gold-fill. I'm concerned that it will not stand up to daily wear. I wear the stainless rings all the time, and it mostly holds up, but if I occasionally snag it on something i have to make a repair from time to time. Obviously gold-fill is going to be weaker than stainless. So my question is, never having soldered before, is it all that difficult? Is it even possible to solder gold-filled wire, since it's brass on the inside? Suggestions please!
  9. dmgutenkauf

    15 minutes of fame

    Ok, so I was in a local paper. Not exactly fame. but still cool! check me out! http://www.standard-journal.com/articles/2009/11/09/news/doc4af83711c8618277326249.txt
  10. dmgutenkauf

    Not mine

    Am i the only one annoyed that this was made by a "brazilian designer"? as if what a wonderful and unique idea they had to use pop tabs in that way? I don't know. I almost feel like I shouldn't be annoyed.... but i am... edit to add.. anyone else notice that the weave direction changes back and forth? That's kind of a neat subtle touch.
  11. all of the bears are done in 16 ga brite aluminum (i decided it's a good use for the aluminum which I really don't like anymore for anything you wear). two of the bears are 1/4"(mandrel) rings, the hooded bear is 5/16"(mandrel) rings, and elmer the bear/fox is 7/32"(mandrel).
  12. dmgutenkauf

    woohoo! i finally finished my (first) maille chess set!

    Board: 18ga 7/32"(mandrel) stainless and bronze. Euro 6-1 on the board, GSG for the trim. This took about 30 hours. Bag: 18ga 3/16"(mandrel) stainless and bronze. Euro 4-1, the bottom comes to a center with a 4 ring (7/32") mobius. This took about 5 days and 3000 miles to complete. I did it in the car on my way moving across the country. Pieces: Each piece has a 14ga 1/2" ring on the top and bottom, except the bishop which only has it on the bottom. The rest of each piece is all 18ga 3/16"(mandrel) give or take 1/64" in places to tighten things up. These when alot faster than I thought they would. I would guess about 15 hours for all of them.
  13. dmgutenkauf


    Hey guys... has there been any discussion about the possibility of getting some tungsten rings some day? Is that even a workable material for maille? David
  14. dmgutenkauf

    pa ren faire

    I'll definately be going at some point. Don't know when yet, perhaps this thread will determine that.
  15. dmgutenkauf


    I like 5/32", gives an AR around 4