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  1. Hi all! I just got a commission from a buddy who wants an AA shield inlay he can mount over a dished frame and hang on his wall. It's going to be about dinner-plate-sized, 14" diameter or so, and I'm thinking the simplest way to do it would be to make 5 wedges and stitch them together so they hang wrong way from inside to outside. Math has never been my forte, though, and I'm a bit boggled as to how to determine ring size and quantity. What would make the cleanest lines without being so tiny as to make the project both interminable and unaffordable? Maybe 18ga? Do I want the AR closer to 3.5 than 4? Are there any inlay programs out there that do smaller gauges than 16? Thanks in advance; I'm really looking forward to this challenge...

  2. Sorry about the quality...I couldn't handle him and the cam at the same time, and the person I handed it off to didn't tap him to focus. These shots were from his 900lb pull, which clearly didn't inconvenience him a whole lot (even pulling that much weight he still managed to be a derp). We have a couple of months to train before the next one, and as good as he did with no prep this time I'm almost scared to see what he'll be able to do once he's bulked up some...




  3. He is remarkably cool about wearing just about anything; we figure it's a breed thing because these dogs are bred to wear drafting harnesses (he actually just got a title last weekend for pulling 1060lbs--8x his body weight--down a 16ft track in under a minute on three different runs). I don't know another dog that would tolerate anything between his eyes at all, but this one will go quite a while without paying it any attention. I have to make a few other adjustments because the sides of the halter are still a little too loose, but I think once it's all in just the right spot it won't wiggle and he'll be pretty okay with it. So far he's worn it for I think about 10 minutes straight.

  4. Here's the first iteration of the halter (I posted the armor pics in the pets folder), with the scales I had left from the battle armor. I haven't figured out how to make it a functional collar but he's so damn strong that I may not be able to make him something he can't break (he snapped a brand-new 1" nylon web leash twice yesterday, and bent a 6ga galv steel chain-link fence wire 1/2" as he did it), but I could maybe make a window at the back of his neck in a solid sheet of mail for his choke chain ring to fit through...

    He's not super thrilled about wearing it, but he tolerates literally everything I've ever put on him. I made really sure the connections were tight and clean so it doesn't poke or catch hair. He can yawn (nothing goes directly under his chin) but I think I'll make a couple of adjustments to tighten up the sides and extend the front just a smidge.




  5. Hi all!

    I'm working on a giant dog costume and am trying to design a coif incorporating byzantine and (hopefully) scale. He has a broad head and I think I could do a sort of halter based on his head-collar measurements, though I think it'll need braces on the sides, more like a horse halter, to shape it closer to his face and keep it from poking him in the eye. Was also considering a scale mail fall across the top of his head and down his neck, and maybe even ways to incorporate a collar (the costume is built on top of his harness, which carries duplicate tags, so he doesn't need his big leather flat collar). I was considering using titanium rings for the collar but also want to safeguard against any link failures if I'm leading him by it, so would it be possible to run a couple of lengths of titanium wire through the mesh as the structural aspects to bear the stress of any pulling? If so, what's the best way to secure the ends to a buckle or clasp? And if this idea of a titanium wire collar works, would a more pliable metal be acceptable for the rest of the project? I've been using AA scales and copper rings for the body costume so a copper or maybe bronze coif could still match.This will be my first ring project; once I finish the last half of a haunch panel and mount them all to the leather my first scale project will be complete too (and already looks badass sitting on the floor, let alone on the dog). I know this is crazy ambitious but I thought the same thing about the scale and it came together a lot faster than I thought it would for a rank amateur, and my deadline for this isn't until April. Any/all advice would be welcome. I'm horrible at drawing so I doubt I'd be able to sketch anything that made sense outside my own head...

    Here's a pic of him in profile if you can imagine it: the point of a wedge of mail at about the top of his forehead, a  length of byzantine down between his eyes and forking down the sides of his face just behind his lips and under his jaw (and probably a cross-piece from that meeting the other byzantine strand that circles his head behind his ears). His ears would be uncovered but the back of his neck could be scale or ring wrapping around the front and falling to a point at the base of his neck (high enough to not interfere with the breastplate that will sit underneath). If a couple of strands of wire, or one longer wire bent back the way it came an inch or two below, could be run through the middle of that neck piece to act as a structural collar it would simplify things (or maybe there's a way to build an existing pinch collar into it?). I'm not worried about weight on this because this breed is made to carry weight, and at 2 1/2 years old he weighs 126 pounds already. With the whole thing on, he won't even know he's wearing anything.