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  1. Cyberlinks

    New Purple and Lavender

    I think I'm in love !
  2. Cyberlinks

    Capture Inverted Round

    while using 16swg 3/8" I find that alternating between 2 and 3 captives makes a pretty solid chain, I've only done this with stainless though
  3. Cyberlinks

    Capture Inverted Round

    http://cgmaille.com/tutorials/cir.shtml this should help assuming you have rings capable of doing CIR
  4. Cyberlinks

    18g 1/4

    sorry to say but you are incorrect, I've already done box (and spiral) with 18swg 3/16", and it could go on infinitely long.
  5. Cyberlinks

    18g 1/4

    18swg 3/16 does not have an AR big enough for full persian
  6. Cyberlinks

    18g 1/4

    uh 18g 3/16 has pretty much the same AR as 16g 1/4, and I've done box and spiral with those, so for sure you can do box and spiral with 18g 3/16. The box weave will be rectangular and not square though
  7. Cyberlinks

    18g 1/4

    both 18 3/16 and 1/4 are good for a huge list of weaves, i use 18 1/4 mostly for CIR and hp3-6in1s though
  8. Cyberlinks

    Announcing Champagne Saw cut AA color

    I'm pretty sure the original bronze is sticking around for machine cut
  9. Cyberlinks

    Announcing Champagne Saw cut AA color

    looks good, almost like a cream. What about orange getting replaced? I would also ask about yellow but I guess pearly yellow and gold are pretty similar.
  10. TRL has an intro http://theringlord.org/introtomailling/Index.htm
  11. Cyberlinks


    i might be wrong but I think he gets his from www.unicornstainless.com
  12. Cyberlinks

    Inconsistent Thickness

    Nah it had to be just this batch, since all the other AA colors I got in the exact same size were identical to the BA I have in that size. I also get a ring or two in every bag that is either the wrong color, size, or its has a huge gap near the end, but even if a third of the rings in every bag I ordered were complete trash and I were to throw them out, I would still be paying less than any other vender I've seen by far. For the price and quality I'm very happy with the half of a perfect margin of error I get from TRL. I just wanna make sure they're aware if I have a problem, so that way they can check it out and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.
  13. Cyberlinks

    Inconsistent Thickness

    awesome, I always love hearing about the specifics of how the rings are made. On a side note, I ordered all the colors that were available at the time, and none of the other colors have varying thickness's, at least not that I could easily notice
  14. Cyberlinks

    Inconsistent Thickness

    A bag of red AA in 18g 1/4" that I recently ordered seems to have an inconsistent thickness. It seems there are thick rings, thin rings (about 19.5g), and everything in between, so I'm assuming you guys got some wire with inconsistent thickness, as apposed to multiple gauges accidentally getting mixed together. That, plus the fact that you guys don't sell AA in 19g 1/4 About half the rings are the right thickness, the rest are kinda iffy. I'm not using them for AR sensitive weaves or anything, so I'm not terribly upset. Just wanted to let you guys know.
  15. Cyberlinks

    Question about making lanyards

    whenever I sell whirlybird pendants on ribbon, I always attach a 16g 1/4 aluminum ring on one end of the ribbon and a 16g 1/4 rubber ring on the other end. Then all you gotta do is just put the metal ring through the rubber ring, simple clasp and also has break-away abilities. You can always put the rubber ring through the metal ring but it only has half the weight capabilities that way. The smaller you go, the stronger the hold will be with matching ring sizes.