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  1. Chainmailbill

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    I haven’t asked this question in a year or more, but I’ll try again. How large would a “custom” order for XL scales need to be, so that it is prioritized based on demand? How large would a custom order need to be in order to bring back the shiny copper scales? How large of a custom order would I need to place to get orange and bronze XL scales? Or shiny copper?
  2. Chainmailbill

    Anodized Aluminum

    “Costume” jewelry just means jewelry made without precious metals (like gold) and gemstones (like rubies).
  3. Chainmailbill

    Rubber Rings

    ETA on 16 5/16 White?
  4. Chainmailbill

    Scales - all materials and sizes

    XL Mirrored silver scales? How good is it looking that the XL scales will stick around? I really hope so as I've fallen in love with them. Thanks!
  5. Chainmailbill

    Anodized Aluminum

    ETA on 16 5/16 silver AA? Is there any chance for AA that gets the first dye stripped away and is re-dipped to get marked on the stock page with an asterisk or something? I've definitely noticed the same problems with the "hard" vs "soft" cornered square, and I'm pretty sure that this is also the issue I've been having with the 14 5/16, especially blue. Or, is there a chance to add more "oops" or limited edition colors? Are the mistake colors pretty, even if they're not what you're shooting for? Thanks!
  6. Chainmailbill

    Large AA scales with a bad smell

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with large AA scales - usually the bulk packs of 1000 - and a bad smell coming from the package. Specifically, to me it smells sort of like ammonia (cat pee), enough so that I had thought that our cat had decided to use a tote of rings as a litter box. Thankfully, that's not the case. I emailed TRL a while ago to ask about this smell, and no one on their end noticed a problem. For a while I thought I was going crazy, or that my sense of smell was broken somehow (I smoked for 15+ years) but I've since had other people notice the smell both prompted (here, smell this) and unprompted (what's that smell?). The smell is strongest when the bulk bags are opened - Cutting one open and sniffing the inside right away can be pretty intense. I've washed and cleaned batches of scales before, and the smell still sort of clings to the scales; the only way to get rid of the smell is to air the scales out for a week or more. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it maybe a residue left on the scales from the manufacturing process? Perhaps a chemical reaction taking place in the bag during shipping? Thanks!
  7. Chainmailbill

    WTB Used Tronex 745 Pliers

    Excellent! I'd love to be a part of the group that beta tests them!
  8. Chainmailbill

    Small AA Scale Burr Issue Details

    Thank you for addressing this issue.
  9. Chainmailbill

    WTB Used Tronex 745 Pliers

    Hello, all. I'm looking to buy a few sets of the Tronex 745 Pliers that TRL stocked for a little while - The ones I've broken and replaced and broken again, as a matter of fact. Relevant thread: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/12104-tronex-pliers-feedback-a-bit-disappointed-in-quality/ So, if you're looking to offload these pliers, please let me know a price/shipping and maybe a cell phone photo of how the jaws line up, the condition they're in, etc. I love these and they are the most comfortable pliers I've ever used - and they're no longer stocked by TRL - so I want to make sure I can use them for as long as I can. Let me know here or email at utopia.armoury@gmail.com Thanks!
  10. Chainmailbill

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    Roger. I'll send them another email, but I'm not optimistic that they'll replace my tools again.
  11. Chainmailbill

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    Any updates on this issue? I just snapped one of the two pairs I traded in to Tronex. It's looking like the life expectancy of these pliers, considering my workload, is about 7-8 weeks. I'm assuming the other will go shortly, as last time this happened they gave out within a couple days of each other. I've been a little gentler to this set than the last; I used them with AA and niobium exclusively, and no AA thicker than 14. Any stainless or 12g AA, I used the Wubbers. I'm a little hesitant to contact Tronex again, until I hear back here. The response from my last email (above in this thread) was a little disheartening. I see that these pliers aren't listed on the tools stock page, is TRL still carrying them?
  12. Chainmailbill

    Scale concerns

    I posted a similar thread back in October: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/12038-inconsistent-small-scales/ and again in a different thread in December: http://www.theringlord.org/forum/index.php?/topic/10047-scales-all-materials-and-sizes/ I was told that the problem would be cleared up, and that the new scales being made wouldn't have this problem. Apparently red and green small AA scales have been fixed - but I can say with certainty that the blue small AA scales I got a week ago are just as mangled/distressed. I've asked a couple times for the stock page to be updated with notations stating which colors are still flawed and which colors are using the new tooling, but that hasn't been addressed (even a "no, we're not going to do that" would be appreciated). I hate to do it - because I rely on TRL for supplies for my business, and I rely on my business to put a roof over my head and food on my table - but I won't be buying any small scales until I know for certain that I am buying a quality product, and not one with excessive stamp wear, flash, or whatever it's technically called.
  13. Chainmailbill

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    P&W: That 6 weeks figure is probably a little misleading. I probably put more mileage on a pair of pliers in 6 weeks than most people do in a year - I close a LOT of rings in a day, every day. I'm also a little saddened by the QC issues; however, I treated these Tronex the same way as I treat my XL wubbers, which is fairly unforgiving - I can wear out a set of wubbers in 4-6 months of use at most. If I treated them like my Lindstrom rx 7490s, they would still be working and working well. Give me a price on the used 745s, I'm interested. How severe is the jaw bending? Better/worse than Gil's pictures up the thread?
  14. Chainmailbill

    AA rings in "new" colors different AR

    I've noticed this in 14g 5/16" shiny AA as well as 1/16" / 5/16" square AA. For the 14, I've noticed that red and blue are the biggest (thinnest?) offenders.
  15. Chainmailbill

    Inconsistent Small Scales

    Excellent! Is it possible to find a way to mark "new" scales differently from "old" scales? I probably won't be buying more small scales until the existing stock of scales (made with the old tooling) is exhausted.