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    Great eye Ninja! I had them made for real combat at a smithy in Germany. They are exact replicas with dark elf etching on the blades. Honestly the finest swords I have ever held hands down. I own a lot of weapons and these two fast became my favorite. You will see many selling poor replicas of Twinkle and Icing Death so if looking be careful. These where made for true combat..not that the need ever arises.
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    Really nice job on this. Props man I like the pattern.
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    Loving the inlay!
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    That looks great
  5. SilverOmega

    Full Rig.jpg

    Very nice work!
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    I am Ironman.....

    Well done!
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    NOV 2010 177.JPG

    Love the concept
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    On display to show it at its best.
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    On full display
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    My first shirt

    Once I came here to study and be inspired to create. Many long months later I am finished enough to show the piece. I intend to add a titanium hood and sleeves with titanium colored trim similar to the hem. But hope what I have finished which is very wearable and allows complete movement might inspire more artists. This was a joy to make and the feed back I get on it has been very satisfying. Till again ..thanks to you all who keep this craft alive. I am inspired by you all. ~SilverMage Omega
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    My first shirt

    First Shirt