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  1. Pridemaille

    NEW Cyborg Shipping!

    Ooohh!!! How Fauncy! Glad you guys are so tech-savvy!
  2. Pridemaille

    Maille Fairy

    Wow! Chainmaillers are starting younger and younger these days!
  3. Pridemaille

    Problems with received order

    Thanks Movak, Thanks Bernice. I was planning to send an email your way. I just wanted to see if this was a regular thing.
  4. Pridemaille

    Problems with received order

    I recently ordered from you guys. I had a few issues with the order. not being nit-picky but just want to know if this is how it always is. 1. Some of the scales were covered in an brown oily residue. Is this normal? I had to spend extra time wiping them all down with a damp cloth. 2a. I ordered Bright aluminum 18g 9/32 rings. The inner diameter was inconsistent. I put them on a pencil, some fit loosely, some fit snug, and some didnt fit at all. 2b. These rings were not shiny. They had a flat matte finish. I'm addicted to shiny. A trash can full of dirty pennies can attest to this. 3. Not all colored rings are completely anodized. the ends were still clear. not a big deal, but I was hoping for "all over" color. Thanks Ring Lord! I was very happy with the rest of my order. You guys rock!