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  1. About a year and a half ago, I ordered the rings for this shirt. Many hours of Zatoichi movies, Sargon of Akkad videos, knicks and cuts and several pairs of pliers later... It doesn't fit well, mostly because I'm fat as hell... One good thing about my construction, It's just the right length! I have enough rings to make sleeves down to my elbows. I need the practice, because I dream of making another, heavier, shirt with a dragonscale weave. This one does not have any contractions or expansions, and I have yet to fiddle with anything with any level of skill.
  2. all of my pliers have broken. I'm almost done with my vest. I think I'll have to order another junky $5 pair just to finish. Do you guys go through pliers constantly or am I doing this wrong?
  3. I haven't worked on this in awhile. The sleeves and collar are all that remain. I have this beautiful giant tube of maille. Finishing this is daunting me. I can't find any good youtubes and I feel like the picture above is all wrong and the straps should actually hang the same orientation as the rest of the shirt. Give me some encouragement!
  4. Use an image uploading site like tinypic. I've been wondering what you've been up to. That's looking great, man.
  5. Any advice on counting the rings between front and back straps? Eric reminded me to make the back straps wider than the front and I'm kind of scratching my head... This link is how I'm doing them. I really wish I had taken the extra time to learn contractions and expansions. Next shirt! Here's what it looks like in practice:[/IMG] Now I fill in the collar and the back OORAT. Any tips, comments, suggestions, flames welcome.
  6. Help me with calculations! I just finished the sheet, and was requested to measure it for posterity. Laying down, it measures about: 18 13/16" x 51 5/16" 48.1 cm x 131.0 cm Here's the part I need help with: In calculating the amount of rings contained, I must presuppose that each strand/row contains 119 4-1 units (5 rings/unit) and these units are connected using 118 rings across, and connects to the next strand using 238 rings (a ring through each and every top 2 rings of the 119 units below) 26 strands would be linked together with the above thinking, and the 27th would not have the 238 linking it to another row because it's the last one... (26*((5*119)+(118)+(238))+((119*5)+118)) ((18 13/16)/12) * (51 5/16)/12)) 25439 rings in 6.7 square feet That's ~3797 rings per square foot if all of the above isn't totally wicked wrong TRL lists APPROX. RINGS PER SQ FT: 4033 Check my math, please, trl wizards.
  7. my boss has one of these things. When I first started mailling and raving about it all the time he brought it in to show off. He loves it for his cast iron. it appeared to be stainless steel and the rings were pretty darn small
  8. Would you like me to count the columns and rows by 4-1 units like illustrated below? Edit: If so, it is 27 rows by 119 columns. When completed I will measure it's length and width by imperial and metric units.
  9. Bumping my original post, as I'm nearing completion of the shirt I began last February. The milestone here is that I wore out the teeth on my pliers, so I placed a rush order for new ones. A few more hours work and then I will zip up the sheet into a tube and attach shoulder straps. Filling in the collar area feels daunting to me. I've never weaved ORAAT, but I have a high comfortability with the 4-1 pattern. I think I will have a couple thousand rings leftover, so I'll make some sleeves, too. I better take a look at my original calcs and compare that to the actual square footage of this giant 4-1 sheet.
  10. I would just want it for comfort. Long sleeves and good fabric should suffice, eh?
  11. Locutus, isn't that the name of Captain Picard's Borg alter-ego?
  12. Happy New Year!
  13. When I asked my neighbor what he was doing that that buckskin he left outside for weeks, (tanning I assume?) he offered it to me. I told him I wouldn't know what to do with it! Later, I began to think about the possibilities of chainmaille application. Would one weave it onto the inside of the maille somehow? I think that would be really neat. Or would it be more practical to simply make a leather vest to wear under the maille? Gambesons, right? Tell me something more, oh wise weavers!
  14. too sexy. was it modeled for you ever?
  15. Merry Christmas!