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  1. Would you like me to count the columns and rows by 4-1 units like illustrated below? Edit: If so, it is 27 rows by 119 columns. When completed I will measure it's length and width by imperial and metric units.
  2. Bumping my original post, as I'm nearing completion of the shirt I began last February. The milestone here is that I wore out the teeth on my pliers, so I placed a rush order for new ones. A few more hours work and then I will zip up the sheet into a tube and attach shoulder straps. Filling in the collar area feels daunting to me. I've never weaved ORAAT, but I have a high comfortability with the 4-1 pattern. I think I will have a couple thousand rings leftover, so I'll make some sleeves, too. I better take a look at my original calcs and compare that to the actual square footage of this giant 4-1 sheet.
  3. I would just want it for comfort. Long sleeves and good fabric should suffice, eh?
  4. Locutus, isn't that the name of Captain Picard's Borg alter-ego?
  5. Happy New Year!
  6. When I asked my neighbor what he was doing that that buckskin he left outside for weeks, (tanning I assume?) he offered it to me. I told him I wouldn't know what to do with it! Later, I began to think about the possibilities of chainmaille application. Would one weave it onto the inside of the maille somehow? I think that would be really neat. Or would it be more practical to simply make a leather vest to wear under the maille? Gambesons, right? Tell me something more, oh wise weavers!
  7. too sexy. was it modeled for you ever?
  8. Merry Christmas!
  9. oh dear, i'm not doing any of the expansions or contractions so far in that web archive link!
  10. Wow that's just as nice as that chinese mountain armor that dropped my jaw!
  11. I think it says the black wears off. How about copper? it's soft but it looks good.
  12. Did you finish the jolly roger inlay?!

  13. Hello, TRL and community! I am about halfway through my chainmaille vest and I've been using some $5 flat nose pliers from the store. I want some better pliers; my hands are riddled with little knicks and cuts from slippage. I had ordered the most expensive pliers after reading good reviews but I ended up returning them. What's the very finest pliers to use for stainless steel? I am using 16g 7/32" rings. It's kind of a tight weave and I really love the way it looks. I really think teeth are essential, but most of the pliers have no teeth. Should I try out a flatnose with a bentnose? Why did the $40 pair suck for me? What are your opinions, tlr?
  14. This might be the greatest armor I've seen on this whole site.
  15. gorgeous