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    What is the name of this sci-fi movie?

    I think it starred James Franciscus but I looked at all his movies and didn't see it. It was a drama. It might have even been a made for tv movie. The woman was barely dressed in like animal skins bikini. i'm thinking 1960's era
  2. I cannot find this movie or title and I've been searching for years. No one seems to know either. Basically the plot was a woman who had an electronic collar around her neck who was running from the aliens, a man finds her and they are hiding in caves in a grand canyon like area. Every night he works on trying to remove the collar with wire. The ufo's track her by her collar and finally he gets if off of her and throws it into the canyon. This is all I can remember of the movie. Any idea what the name of this movie was? I think it was in the 1970's or 1980's I watched it on tv. Thanks!