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  1. Thank You. I've been very busy working on things we plan to sell at our Farmers market this year. I can never seem to order enough rings for anything, much less my inlay.
  2. Here is my latest update on my Jolly Roger. I just ran out of black rings so I will have to wait until atleast next month to get more but it is slowly coming along. I'm already trying to plan my next inlay.
  3. Did you finish the jolly roger inlay?!

  4. Well, here's my last update until next month when I get more rings to work with. It's finally starting to take shape and I hope the picture looks right. TRL keeps cutting down the size of the file I can upload.
  5. It won't be long and I will be posting another update, probably this evening or tomorrow.
  6. Here's the latest update. It's coming along slowly. I finally got to get started on the cross bones.
  7. As soon as I'm able to get back to work on it I plan to post regular updates on it. I'm not good at computing the number of rings. When it comes to math, that's my weak point.
  8. I started out by just looking at a picture that I found online and then someone told me about a program called IGP. That program turns your picture into a chainmaille pattern that if you want to you can print out to use as a guide. I'm still learning the program but having a lot of fun with it.
  9. Well Chainmaille friends. Here is my progress sofar on the Jolly Roger flag that I plan to have hanging on the back of my Action Trackchair when I goto the St.Louis Renaissance Faire this year. I'm using 16 gauge 1/4" anodized aluminum rings for this project. I can hardly wait to get it finished and start on my American Flag.
  10. Sounds good to me.
  11. where did you find the thick white plastic and the guard you put over the blade. I'm really tempted to try to copy what you've made.
  12. WOW, I really like that setup. It looks like you can really crank out some rings with it quick. I doubt it but did you do a video of the assembly of the cutter?
  13. Yes I am however I will not have the money until next month and can buy them from you then. I was afraid they would already be gone by now.
  14. I'm planning on doing both. I watched their videos on youtube and had heard they were really good. I am planning on mainly using aluminum rings. Have you heard of any other machines that are larger and yet still have the same safe guards as this machine? I'll admit only being able to make 3" coils at a time will take a long time to get a lot of rings made.
  15. Thank YOU very much for posting this topic. I am constantly searching for tutorials and instructions on different weaves and how to do things and this helps immensely. I P.S. I have also purchased some of the instruction PDFs that you guys sell and they are excellent.