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  1. I've made the main body of a shirt following this tutorial: The tutorial says, "...don't expect the arm pit on the sleeve to connect to the armpit on the vest - they won't connect because the rings will be going in different directions. This is unavoidable. Many people leave the armpit unconnected. Other people connect it as best they can." This is the second shirt I've made, and with the first one, I just left the area under the arms unconnected as the weave didn't match up. However I have seen a shirt in the same style with the underarms connected up properly, and I would like to connect them up so there are no holes if possible. Is there a good way of connecting the sleeves up so there are no holes? Does anyone know of a pattern or a technique for this? (It seems like it would be a bad idea defence-wise to have big holes under the arms as well. Historically, would the sleeves have been fully connected up?) Thanks
  2. I see - it really confused me at first and I couldn't think what to do! Turns out the solution was quite simple after all.
  3. Ah, that's done it. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hello, I'm doing my first ever chainmail project (European 4 in 1 weave) and I've got to the bit where I need to attach the shoulder straps. However, I tried attaching a shoulder strap at the front, but when I loop it over to attach it at the back the rings are going in the opposite direction to the main body of the mail. I don't know how to avoid it, and I think I'm missing something here! The tutorial I was using doesn't mention it at all. I think I'm probably making some kind of beginner's mistake/misunderstanding, and I'd be really grateful if anyone could help! Thanks