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  1. Lucent

    Help to Guess Ring Size

    Thanks Woodharry
  2. Can you fellows help me out with figuring out which size ring is being used here on this byzantine chain?
  3. Lucent

    Stainless Steel - Black and Plain

    Greeting, I was wondering when you all will have more SB1212 Thanks
  4. Lucent

    Wallet Chain Question

    That Celtic Visions weave looks pretty neat, never seen it before, is it pretty popular on the wallet chain front?
  5. Lucent

    Gettin Sneaky with Tumbling

    You know what Eric, I really appreciate you stopping by, and you lit a light on my head, I knew I had seen bags of walnut shells somewhere recently and sure enough it was Pet Land.. I like what you are saying about tumbling the AA, now I have only made 3 orders so far, just getting started, the first was all super bright, the second I messed it up by not picking out the saw cut I think, now those are a lot dimmer and I washed them to a little better condition, and we'll see about order three probably Saturday, it's mostly SS to make some good heavy chains for my Bikers who do not want club colors, I'm figuring I will need to tumble those for the best appeal and delivery. Here is the thing a lot of people go back and forth with, tumble before crafting the rings or tumble the finished piece?
  6. Lucent

    Gettin Sneaky with Tumbling

    Ahh geeze, I miissed a whole guide... wow, thanks man I guess I'll like go read the 'guide' now, wow I really did use the search function
  7. Lucent

    Gettin Sneaky with Tumbling

    Rob, thanks for that lightning quick reply. now by walnut media I am going to assume you do not mean this beautiful walnut media center here, but inn fact mean some kind of ground walnut shells? i could just follow my old man around for a few weeks... I didn't see walnut in the tumbling media section only the pin and disc shot
  8. Lucent

    Gettin Sneaky with Tumbling

    I tried to search it first!!, Promise, I put in tumbling and got no hits. I checked the FAQs at the store and here in the back. Maybe Ii am the only guy doing this on a budget, just kidding but I was wondering if I could get some advice about tumbling. I am starting to realize that I will likely be working more with SS than AA(except with the club specific stuff) and the SS is kind of dirty, so is the machine cut AA rings I accidentally bought on order #2, but at least they were big enough for a Persian! I washed them after reading here about do not tumble AA. Just used some degreaser and hot water, they are a little better but still not radiant like them AAs I got on order #1. The thing is I will need to tumble my SS rings to get the best visual appeal for the fellows who shop my booth, and, well, I kind of want to wait a little longer before purchasing a real tumbler, I am not talking about cheaping out forever just getting it into the end of July or August's budget so as to get a good quality one that will last. So what I am am asking, is if anyone has any ideas or maybe a link to a nifty DIY, on how I could get by without a real tumbler just for the next couple orders, like rolling them around in jar full of sand? Thanks for your time