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  1. SuperTrooper81

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    Fair enough. Thank you!
  2. SuperTrooper81

    Scalemail Loincloth Help

    What is a contraction? Sorry for the newbie question but is there somewhere to see what that is and how to do it?
  3. SuperTrooper81

    Chainmaille Bra

    Wow! That looks amazing. Nice work!
  4. SuperTrooper81

    Police in Chainmail

    Why welded? Can that size be woven without welding?
  5. SuperTrooper81

    How to Post Pictures

    That link appears to be dead. Do you have another one? I'm trying to post a picture to help another member. Thanks!
  6. SuperTrooper81

    Chainmaille Bra

    @CleverBast When you did your seems by the seat of your pants did they turn out ok? I'm having trouble finding info on curved seams and think I"ll just need to figure it out as I go. I just really don't want to have to undo rings. LOL
  7. SuperTrooper81

    Police in Chainmail

    What weave and ring size do you suppose that is?
  8. SuperTrooper81

    Scalemail Loincloth Help

    I dealt with the same thing. I ended up just sort of finding my way to make it longer... without making the 1st row wider and ending up with a diaper. What I did was this: Starting with the outer/uppermost scale, count down to the 3rd scale down and add a scale off of that one. You now have 2 scales to hang a new one between. Keep working your way down and this will add scales and make the angle of the loin cloth steeper. You will have outer scales that have 2 rings through them and will curve inward but are stable enough. It's difficult to describe. I'll try to find a picture of mine if you are totally lost.
  9. SuperTrooper81

    Newbie Hello!

    I'm new here as well. Looking forward to learning more about Maille!
  10. SuperTrooper81

    my first weavings

    Cool! Nice work.
  11. SuperTrooper81

    graduated scales

    Does anyone have a picture of the effect this makes?
  12. SuperTrooper81

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    I kind of know how to crochet but not well enough to apply it to mailling. How does one make a curve in maille vs angled seems? I assume they are related.
  13. SuperTrooper81

    Scalemail Inlay Designer v2

    This is super helpful to figure out patterns and visualize colors. A lot easier than undoing rings!! Thanks for posting!
  14. SuperTrooper81

    Scale Maille Bra

    Wow! That's beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!
  15. SuperTrooper81

    Newbie ?: Curved seams

    I have some ideas about making a curved seam but I was wondering if anyone had some examples or links to tutorials. I've looked in many of the FAQs here but haven't found anything. Are there chainmaille patterns? Thanks!