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  1. I have to say, this is a good looking mail up in the post above. So, I've reviewed a few more things and with the suggestions above, I won't be doing 6 in 1 for the chainmail I plan on doing. I will be using 16ga, 1/4" rings in 4 in 1 style. I wanted to thank the people who answered. Glad I could get the help and I hope to post images once the project is done.
  2. Alrighty, Thank you all for the help and the suggestion. Very much appreciated.
  3. Hello Everyone, I will be beginning my own personal project of making a Chainmail Hauberk on my spare time (So I can have one to wear for LARP next year). I was wondering what the ideal sizes would be for a Chainmail Hauberk in the 6 in 1 European Style. I plan to use Mild Steel or Galvanized Steel. Is there an idea size? I don't mind much for weight, I just want to make sure it looks protective and dense.