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  1. Hi Eric, Thank you so very much for providing all of this input and feedback! I really appreciate your natural private investigative skills! I'll try to post up progress photos as we go along, just in case anyone is interested. Have a wonderful day!
  2. I am a complete and utter newb to all things maille, and I'm looking for some insight for a future costume. My friends and I are planning on making Jadis's Chain maille battle dress (images attached) and we're trying to get an idea of what the best material/size/pattern would be best to achieve this. We are planning on making this dress for a 5'3" girl so we were hoping to find a way to use aluminum rings, however, if they aren't strong enough to bear the weight, what would you suggest? Would anyone happen to know what kind of quantities of rings we're looking at here? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your help, in advance!