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    Anodized Aluminum Findings

    O.K. Thank you, Ms. Daniels.
  2. I was wondering if there was any way your company could create anodized aluminum jewelry findings, such as headpins, claw clasps, and french hook earring wires with the ball (like your sterling silver ones)? I've been purchasing the anodized aluminum rings for awhile now. My customers say they prefer claw clasps to magnets. Silver-plated is too light and tarnishes, while stainless steel is too dark to match. I've been using rhodium-plated clasps, but I believe they tarnish, especially if it's over brass (which it usually is). I would also like my jewelry pieces to be all tarnish-free, instead of just the rings, while the rest of it tarnishes. I've been researching for several weeks for these 3 findings with no success. I always include instructions for care with my anodized aluminum jewelry, but I'm concerned that if a portion of the jewelry tarnishes and they lose the paper, they will use sterling silver jewelry cleaner and ruin the coating. I guess if you dream, dream big, right? LOL. I'm hoping for it to all be hypoallergenic and tarnish-free, or at least all tarnish-free. I'm sure many people would purchase these findings if you created them!