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    soft shiny stainless steel

    I just got in some 16 ga 1/4" stainless steel rings and can't get them to open. I've used my usual pliers that have opened 16 ga jump rings before. I even tried to use the pliers from my husband's tool box with no luck. I wish I'd gotten your jump rings.
  2. jessicab99

    Opening 16g 1/4" ID Jump Rings

    I recently got an order for 16 gauge 1/4" ID jump rings. I started to open them for my project but the rings won't budge. I'm using my usual set of jewelry pliers and have not had this problem before. I've also used them for stainless steel jump rings that were 16 gauge with no problem. Here is the Ring Lord stock# SXSS1614. Can anyone help?