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  1. Sorry, I should've put that to begin with. It's 20ga 3/16"and 1/8". Yeah, I don't expect it'll get put through any abuse. It'll most likely be worn rarely, and, even then, it'll have a dress coat over it. Thanks again for all your help! Gonna place my order now and hope it gets to my house before the next time I have to go out on the road. I'll post pics of it when I'm done.
  2. I see on the material data page that AA has aUTS rating of ~60ksi, but I'm not really what that measurement tells me about how much weight it can hold. I feel like I might be just WAY overthinking this... Thanks for your help, at any rate.
  3. Price isn't a huge issue, but this is my first project, and something tells me I shouldn't jump straight into titanium dragonscale. xD What I really wanna do is make it entirely out of red AA. I just want to make sure it will be able to hold its weight. There will be ~7000 rings total so at ~750rings/oz with AA, it should be around 9.3oz. Most of the weight will be held by the link points between the chain, knot, and the tie itself. That's about as much as I can deduce, on my own, however.
  4. First and foremost: if this question is answered elsewhere on this forum, I sincerely apologize. I did my best to find this information on my own before posting a new thread. I am making the dragonscale tie from the tutorial available on TRL, and there's one thing I'm unsure of. I hope I'm not breaking any rules by quoting the tutorial, since it's a paid tutorial, but I need clarification before I buy my materials. The tutorial states: This seems like doublespeak to me. If it's only as strong as the smaller ring, doesn't the larger ring, being stainless and therefore heavier, make it weaker structurally? What I want to do is make the tie entirely out of anodized aluminum. This would make it lighter and also give me the primary red color I want instead of making it secondary. Does anyone know if I can do this without having to worry about strength? If not, could I use stainless small rings and AA large ones(based on the logic that the smaller one determines the strength)? Thanks in advance for any advice you're willing to give.