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  1. hobbychain

    Anodized Aluminum

    Any ETA on SXAA18532royal?
  2. hobbychain

    Back of scale top/necklace combo

    © Hobbychain by Design

  3. hobbychain

    Scale Top and Necklace combo

    I had this top laying around uncompleted for a while. Managed to finally figure out how to do the back and decided to add a necklace to it. Back piece is completely detachable.

    © Hobbychain by Design

  4. hobbychain

    Scalemail top front

    Sadly no. It's too small in the bust to fit anyone I know lol
  5. hobbychain

    Scale mail top back

    The back of the top.

    © Hobbychain by Design

  6. hobbychain

    Scalemail top front

    Made this a few years ago but just found out about the Ring Lord gallery so here it is :)

    © Hobbychain by Design

  7. hobbychain

    Alliance Banner inlay

  8. hobbychain

    Horde banner inlay

  9. hobbychain

    Chainmail dragon body help

    I am about to purchase rings to start on a dragon project. I recently bought the tut for it but I have a question. In making the body the tut says I need about 252 16g 1/4ID rings, 52 18g 3/16ID rings and 26 small scales. I originally assumed the 52 rings were for the small scales but later in the instructions I read that 16g 1/4ID were used. I am wondering if this was done for preference and originally I should use the 18g 3/16 rings. Some help would be welcome with this
  10. hobbychain

    Final Fantasy 8 bit Black Mage

    Had enough rings to do this small Black Mage inlay from Final Fantasy
  11. hobbychain

    The WoW Alliance Banner

    Measuring around 12"x23 1/2" and taking 80+hours (as with the Horde Banner, when I could fit time in after work and weekends) and using AA 18g 5/32ID rings
  12. hobbychain

    The WoW Horde Banner

    Measuring around 11"x27" and taking 75+hours (over the course of a month and a half when time allowed) and using AA 18g 5/32ID rings