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  1. Maielstrom

    Cleaning Anodized Aluminum After Wearing

    Fantastic, I will definitely keep all that in mind! Picked up some blue dawn and used a teaspoon in a big Tupperware, haha was plenty sudsy! Hosed off after that, then towelled them dry, hung up and gave them a go with a leaf blower (to get into/around the scales mostly), then towelled once more to make sure it was good. Lastly left them in the sun for about a half hour just for certainty and everything came out great! (No water spots or anything that I can see, and the scales even look a touch brighter!) Lol it’s certainly a sight for the clothesline! Thanks again for all the help! I’m looking to go to the Faire one more time, so probably have one more wash for the year.
  2. Maielstrom

    Cleaning Anodized Aluminum After Wearing

    You are wonderful, thank you, very much appreciated! Picked some up today and will get everything cleaned up tomorrow.
  3. Maielstrom

    Cleaning Anodized Aluminum After Wearing

    Awesome, thank you for the reply, I appreciate it! I think I’ve seen mild dish soap mentioned for other metals, that’s what I’d be looking for, or something else for aluminum?
  4. Hello everyone, Didn’t quite find an answer from searching, but I wore my anodized aluminum hauberk to a Faire today and am wondering if/how I need to clean it since it had some contact with sweat. Was the first time wearing it out and I had a long sleeve under armor on, so it wasn’t a lot, but want to be sure I’m taking care of this piece properly. It also has a scale sleeve with stainless steel rings in case that might be a separate case. Visually, it looks fine, so I’m not worried about dull colors or anything in that area, just if the sweat factor is a concern. Thanks!
  5. Maielstrom

    Scalemail Sleeves on Euro 4-1 Hauberk

    Thank you for the insight! I've been building the sleeve out and did a test seam/wear tonight, it seems to be working out pretty well and I think definitely suits my needs. With regard to the armpit, I have the top part of the sleeve coming in as a triangle which I will attach on the top of the shoulder, so the bottom 3/4 of this segment will be chain moving into full scale just about at the start of the bicep. I found out tonight that I made the forearm much too wide, so I took the seam out and will be readjusting so it fits better. Ended it with a handflower with a half persian 3-in-1 finger band, which is helping to hold everything in place, so I think it's actually coming together pretty okay.
  6. Hello everyone! I'm in the midst of building a hauberk and separate coif out of anodized aluminum 12 gauge, 3/8 inch rings, but after messing around with some leftover scales from a dragon sculpture, I'm thinking about swapping out the chain sleeves for scale ones (full arm length) (I have a short sleeve hauberk that I'm coming back to after finishing the coif). However, I've never worked with scales and do not know too much about them (have worked with rings for about 10 years though as jewelry). Is it possible to build a tube sleeve and have it function/be fairly mobile? If so, would building the sleeve out as a sheet then connecting it work okay? Would large scales cause any issues? How well do scales hold up as butted mail with the recommend 16 gauge 5/16 inch rings? Any concerns mixing the ring sizes? With regard to purpose, I'm making this pretty much for display, but do plan to wear it out to the local Faire if I go, so it won't be put under too much stress. (Though I might wear it on my motorcycle to ride out, not sure yet) Any other insight would be greatly appreciated! Apologies if this exists elsewhere, I couldn't quite find an answer through searching around. Thanks!