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    My first scale maille shirt - any help?

    Forgive me if it's wrong to double post, I thought I'd keep adding more updates. As I get more done, I'm noticing that I'm starting to have more questions as well. I finished all of my scale armor panels for my suit of armor! After this, I finished weaving the maille for the back and sides of the chest armor, and I've attached the side panels to it as well. So now my armor is fully wearable! I'm still not entirely sure how to handle the shoulder holes, or the contractions for the front and back of my armor. All I know is I have to bring it in from about a 36 inch chest (72 units of maille) to a 32 inch waist, or about 64 units. I can probably also cut out a unit or two to account for the flexibility of the weave, I don't want too much slack. The gap on the back of the armor is 18 units wide, and the front is 8 that need to be filled. After that, I need to finish the sleeves on the scale shoulder panels, and attach those. Then it's a matter of finishing up the front and back portions below the waist, so that it's more akin to a hauberk than it is a haubergeon. I purchased some blue anodized aluminum rings and have been working on making diamond inlay designs that I can integrate into those pieces, for a bit more visual interest than is currently present in the chain maille portions. I might try and see about making some larger designs and shapes that I can incorporate into the contractions for the chest and back. The portions below the waist in the front and back are going to almost be like the tails of a coat, extending down from between the scale maille portions, edged in half Persian 3-1. Then after that, I still have a pair of greaves and vambraces to worry about, as well as a cloak, underclothing, and boots for my full suit of armor.
  2. Takanuva

    My first scale maille shirt - any help?

    Finally an update to my armor! This is what I have done so far. I definitely faced some confusion with the joining technique between the two weaves, although using @Paladin's image gallery and posts, I managed to find a way to join them. It's not entirely ideal or matches his technique, but this was easy enough for me to replicate and integrate into the maille. I wove rings into the collar to create half Persian 3-1 strands to stabilize it atop the maille and scale maille, and right now I'm grinding out units of chain maille to make the back and armpits of my shirt. As soon as I'll do this, I'm going to start work on the sleeves, which are going to be scale and share the same inlay design as the chest, and then finally attach the side armor panels I made, and fill in the front and back. After that it's a matter of extending the front and back of the shirt down a bit more, and possibly adding some fancier details there. Here's all three panels that I currently have done, not draped on my dummy that I made. As soon as I finish my armor stand, it should be quite a bit easier to manage and work on. Here's the link to the blog where I've been posting updates: https://paladin-of-the-cosmos.tumblr.com/tagged/lunar-paladin-project
  3. Takanuva

    My first scale maille shirt - any help?

    I'd like to know as well, I'm facing some serious confusion with this weave.
  4. Takanuva

    My first scale maille shirt - any help?

    Thanks, your method is a lot more stable than the mess I was trying to figure out! I was trying to build a 1 tall sheet of horizontally hung maille around the scales, and rotate that 90 degrees. Which didn't account for the difference in height of the scales. I didn't think to weave it into the scale holes. I'll post an update once I get this panel done, then I'll start the second. Those two panels will eat up probably a good two thirds of the body, aside from the scale chest and shoulders. I should hopefully only have to make 4-5 square feet of maille for that, to bridge the gaps between the panels. There's no such thing as a fast or easy hauberk. But it feels like I'm making progress already, and that's really motivating.
  5. Takanuva

    My first scale maille shirt - any help?

    Thanks for the advice! I went through and examined my scale maille, and the gaps in it means that I think I'll only be able to join the maille 45 degrees of vertical, on the faces of the panel. I can attach it at the sides no problem now. However, the triangular portion on top is much more difficult to solve. The height difference between the rings as far as I"m aware isn't regular enough to allow me to hang rings oriented perfectly vertical. As far as I'm aware, this means I'll have to weave my shirt at a 45 degree angle. Is there any way for me to space and weave my links to allow it to hang completely vertical like a typical shirt?
  6. Hey guys. I'm new to this site. After stumbling around blindly for a few months planning this project, I thought I'd post here to show my progress and ask for advice on techniques along the way. I started off my design with a basic sketch, that I drew over myself, to get an idea of where the panels would lay, how much would be scales, how much would be maille, that sort of thing. I then went into a website, lairoftheraven's scale maille inlay designer, and started drawing up plans. Which brought me to putting together my first panel, which has taken me four days to assemble. I have a google drive folder with more images, including my sketches and drawings. However, most of these pictures are a bit large and I'd like to be courteous and keep the post length down, so there they are. My main problem I'm facing right now is I need a way to attach european 4-1 chain maille to the scale maille in a strong, reliable manner. I'm using 5/16th 16g aluminum rings and large anodized aluminum scales for this project, as I didn't want to deal with some of the bits I've heard about split rings, like how sharp the edges are, as well as out of convenience not having to purchase a new pair of pliers. What's the best way for me to attach it? I need to hang the maille vertical, and attach it on the top and sides of the scale panel. Any advice?