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  1. Yes indeed a full on faraday cage is correct and talkative definitely not on that serious mind control crap RemoteNeuralManipulation.Weebly.Com but not really here to talk about that right thank you for the responses and information (RF is a type of EMF radiation) I do believe steel rings will be the best thinking based on aluminums poor nature and pricing .8 mm diameter a full trench coat styling suit with a connectable helm would likely be the cost efficent It is in fact for RFs and ultrasounds (velour is the best answer to that) Dont know too much about CRTs but rf is in fact capable of interacting with any electronic device to affect it from remote control to remote access (such as drone hacking and desktop/laptop hacking with no sort of wifi) granting viewing capabilities on whats going on and even with the copper coating ultrasounds can still view this i believe (long range according to the long range acoustic device LRAD 2 mile beaming range with public tech though LRAD is a sound cannon ultrasounds used like a bats vision would grant this) The only building i know of that grounds out RF such as that building is a full faraday cage court house which considering the tech would be astounding to the attacked though its in a quasi-legal loop and unlikely to even be utilized unfortunately Edit: interested in diameter size as 300ghz RF will go down to 1mm in wavelength im looking at around .8 (.02") diameter is this actually available or will i need to order it custom sized and how much would you think a helm and skinsuit that connected them with a sort of easy to disconnect metal clip would cost in a pricerange (i imagine 500+ dollas)
  2. I was wondering if .8 mm aluminum rings were sturdy enough to sleep on walk on live on without long term warping or if a floor component should be more of a steel and aluminum be used for non pressurized locations im looking at making a anti energy room that will block out all forms of radiation pollution thank you for your input