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  1. MaraMail

    Aluminium Issues, Help?

    The problem with the wire from TRL is shipping to the UK makes the cost prohibitive. Which is a shame. The scales work out much cheaper than re-sellers here (if I buy in bulk, which I plan to), but unfortunately not the wire. For 5 Lbs with the cheapest shipping it's £58.48, then add import tax, and then £10 for the courier to go pick it up once it gets here. TRL should start a little machine shop over here... They'd get more of my money for sure!
  2. MaraMail

    Aluminium Issues, Help?

    Whoops, just went out and bought some. Any recommendations on other wire types?
  3. MaraMail

    Aluminium Issues, Help?

    Thanks for the reply and noted about the dangers of cutting metals without a mask... I'm a carpenter so I've always got plenty of masks and respirators around! Although at the moment it's tin snips unless my other half decides it's fun enough that I'll have to stock-pile rings. The weird thing is that it happened before I even used the nylon tensioners, even coiling slowly by hand seems to cause the smell. So I think it's safer to just throw that reel to other tasks like making ties for the various tools I need to hang up and go with something a bit more "standard" like galvanised steel, it's cheaper and people seem to use it all the time without too many issues. Really appreciate the reply!
  4. MaraMail

    Aluminium Issues, Help?

    Hey guys, My other half has always been interested in making chainmail, so I figured I'd give making rings a go. I built a super simple jig using 3 nylon tensioning pulleys (With bearings so no friction). Bought some aluminium electric fence wire and a few aluminium tubes to use as mandrels. Now the problem I'm facing is that when I start to wind coils, the wire starts to turn a dark, dull grey and gives off a weird smell that I can only describe as being similar to burning plastic (Only closer up though, no smoke.). The wire is as far as I'm aware, un-coated. I know there will be friction and heat generated by the wire being stretched around the mandrel, but I'm not sure that explains what's going on here. Has anyone else had this problem or know if it's normal? It happens as soon as I start winding at around 100RPM. Just checking to make sure it's not dangerous to health in any way. Thanks!