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  1. I love dragonscale weave chainmaille, and I am planning on making a belt for myself out of it. I intend to use 18ga 1/4" id stainless steel rings for the larger rings. Originally, I wanted to use 20ga 5/32" id titanium rings in dark blue for the smaller rings. However, after placing my order I was informed that the titanium rings I want are no longer available, so I need to substitute. I don't want to use stainless steel, as I want an offset color. Would anodized aluminum rings in this size and weave hold up to wear and tear as a belt? This will be a functional piece, not decorative. If aluminum rings are no good, are there any other materials that would be strong enough and have a clothing safe color? Nothing that will rub off or stain clothing. I have never worked with niobium, for instance.