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  1. bretmackey

    Anodized Aluminum

    ETA for SXAA16516black and SXAA16516gold?
  2. bretmackey

    Rubber Rings

    We are also dreadfully low on the GITD green and we are coming into our busy season. Please let us know when you get them in.
  3. bretmackey

    Rubber Rings

    Just wanted to check on the 14g 5/16 GITD colors. Will there be a re-order of them? Also, it seems they were rather popular, will there be any more colors added if you do restock (i.e. purple or white would be awesome)? Thank you so much!!!
  4. bretmackey

    Rubber Rings

    I know it takes a while to get stock of rings, any update on white 5/16?