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    Layering Scales

    A friend of mine has a design in mind that requires layering an outline of scales around a piece so it has the base layer than a 2nd layer on top just along the edges. Does anyone know of a good technique on how to make it possible? Will add pictures later if needed
  2. SpectreSpark

    Gold Scale Colors

    I am making armor for a human Tamatoa for Moana so I definitely want it to be shiny. I'll most likely start with one bag of shiny and brushed to see if I like them together. Also want to get some of the clear plastic ones and paint them with blue and purple glow in the dark paints so I can put them in a nice pattern with the gold ones. Or if I find paints that go on clear I can paint over the brushed gold for more of a surprise.
  3. SpectreSpark

    Gold Scale Colors

    I'm starting a new project with scalemail. I want to use gold scales as the main color, looking at the anodized aluminum scales there seem to be 3 different types. The brushed and mirrored that can be found in bags of 100 but there's one only available in bags of 10, is that one really a 3rd kind? How does it look compared to the other 2?
  4. SpectreSpark

    Edging Scale Maille

    What is the best way to edge scale maille when the edge is straight down? For example a 4 3 4 3 4 pattern going down, photo for example.
  5. SpectreSpark

    Best Ring Sizes for Scales?

    Thank you. My phone doesn't always show everything that is on a page.
  6. SpectreSpark

    Best Ring Sizes for Scales?

    I'm getting some large scales for a project but not sure what size rings will work best with them. Any ideas?