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  1. Thanks guys :). Think i'll go for the tree approach so I don't wreck my dryer lol.
  2. I purchased a pair from the Ringlord and one of the pliers broke near to the completion of one vest. Wasn't impressed. I've ordered two more.
  3. Thanks for the response TitaniumMithril, what steps do you take typically? I'm afraid of the rings rusting, Do you just submerge the armor in your sink and add blue dawn, then scrub it down with a sponge or something and dry it with a towel afterwards??
  4. What do you guys use to clean the rings/scales after you finished your armor? The stainless steel rings leave smudge marks all over my body.
  5. Thank you so much again. You've just given me everything I need to complete my first scalemail shirt. Really excited to finish this thing up :D. Your scalemail looks awesome. I like how you strung pure rings around the armpit. I'll probably have to tailor mine a bit after I complete it i'm sure, but it wont be much longer now! Edit: Picture I used of muscular anatomy chart facing right. For anyone who may be following this post in the future.
  6. Thanks Paladin, I spent hours yesterday playing around with contractions around my pecs. Which was basically me just adding and removing contractions over and over again, I didn't see much of a difference I think because there isn't much of a decline from my pec to my abs. I just want to confirm with the contraction at my natural waistline, you say on "either side", i'd be putting one on each side in a roughly equilateral location, approximately around the location where my ribs kinda flare out and decline down toward my lower abs is that correct? Also you said "nearer to the backside than your frontside", these contractions are still going on the front side correct? Just nearer to the side of my body/kidneys rather than the centre/stomach, or do you literally mean on my back on my natural waist line? I'm a little bit confused on the dividing the sides by three part. How does one know if a contraction in the correct or wrong spot? Are there any warning signs or positive signs? When you say "a contraction or two at the small of your back" do you mean a contraction side by side to another contraction in the lower back? or a contraction in the middle of the lower back and then another contraction either above or below that one in the same column? From my understanding, there will be 2 contractions on each side of the front of my body at the natural waistline, nearer to the sides of my body. And 1-2 contractions on the small of my back. Is that correct? I wont need one under each armpit (i'll be scaling underneath my armpits soon to create the wrap around shirt)? Or is that what essentially the two front contractions will be doing. I'll look into adding the 90-degree link, thanks for the heads up! Thanks again for all your information. I'm going to remove my two contractions on each pec again and scale my way down to the waistline and to the lower back. Really appreciate the help. I might be able to finish this thing by the end of next week!
  7. Thanks for taking the time to respond and explain everything Eric! Really appreciate it. I'm going to start adding the contractions tomorrow, instead of adding them in at the end as per your advice. I'm not going to add any additional padding, although that is a cool idea! Thanks for the link. I'm still uncertain if I need contractions on the front. This is what I have so far. I've completed up to the nipple on the front (which is where i'm guessing would be where my first contraction should be. I'm also uncertain about the back, i'll probably need one in my middle lower back (and maybe under my shoulder blades?) The pictures are kinda hard to see, but any advice would be nice :). Also will the contractions limit my mobility? I'll need to be able to raise my arms above my head, and pull the shirt over my head to get it on. Thanks
  8. A few questions about contractions. 1) Would I be able to put in contractions after I complete my armor without having to take out too much work? (from my understanding it takes up a row of three scales [would I only need to adjust for like 9ish scales and not have to remove entire pieces of work?]) Ideally, i'd like to finish my armor and then decide if my armor needs contractions afterwards, but if it makes it too much of a hassle i'd do it as i'm working. I'm almost at the point where I need contractions on the front if I was to put some in and almost to the point where i'd need them on my back. But I may adjust the shoulders later on which could drop the front of back down a row of scales or two, which im sure would effect the contraction. 2) Does the contraction start at the beginning of the curvature ie: would the two side by side scales that need to be joined together be the part of the contraction that would start over the beginning of where on the body part curves down? Or would the hole be the spot where the body start to curve down and the two scales be right above when it starts to curve down. 3) Do contractions need to be used on curved parts of the body? Or can they be used to create the image of a muscular/physical body without having the curves around it? Ie: If you didn't have much curvature on your pecs, for example, could you make contractions to make it look like you did? Or would it do nothing? 4) Wont the scales naturally form the shape of your body? Did this guy use contractions? Or did his sides just form to his body like that do you think? 5) How many contractions do you guys put on each pec? I'd like my contractions to show rounder pecs these ones look kind of pointed down. Also would anyone be able to tell me if I would need to put a contraction between the pecs to make it lay like that or if theres no contraction and thats how his scales lay on his chest. Edit: I'm using medium sized scales if that makes a difference Thanks in advance.. Again Excited to continue working on my scales.
  9. You're the real MVP. Thanks for the tip on the scale width and height, I hadn't considered that. I think i'm going to aim for a diamond neck hole. Trying to make mine similar to this scalemail weavers. Aside from the straps on the side (i'm not very craft savvy) Incredible dedication to the community after all these years. I may have a couple more scale projects after this for costumes :).
  10. Thanks a lot guys. This is my first scale anything. My first crafting project really. It sounds like I will try Paladin's method. Of doing the front and back at the same time so I can get the head hole correct. Coincidentally, I think I may be working off your guide Paladin. Nice to see you're still passionate! If this is your guide "A Brief Tutorial on Crafting Armor from the Ring Lord's Scales" - 2nd Edition, I was wondering on page 5 of the guide there is a picture of a mans torso showing contractions, are each one of those orange marks 1 column of scale contraction? Or is it multiple columns ? Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the replies guys, I really appreciate it. I've made progress into the start of my shirt and in two weeks work will lighten up and i'll be able to put toward much more hours toward it. I've started the left side of my neck/shoulders working down and the right side of my neck/shoulders working down. Is there any reason for me to not just carry on going downwards until I finish the front? I know some people recommend doing the shirt in pieces and then connecting it afterwards. Also would you guys recommend doing front then back? Or front and back at same time? Thanks everyone
  12. Thanks for the response. I think i'll need the video to understand. I'm unsure about the meaning of horsing the ends together. I've been working on the scalemail for a few hours now and my current tactic is twisting open the rings to the bottom left and trying to twist left when closing them. Having more success, but still not the best , but i'll keep chugging along :D.
  13. Which video? Sorry.
  14. Hey there! I'm just starting my first scale mail shirt and I'm having a little bit of difficulty with the Stainless Steel 18g - 18ga 1/4 ID Machine Cut Jump Rings leaving a little gap when I close them (the gap is large enough that my scales are falling out). The technique I'm using is gripping the ring approximately two thirds up with two Wide Nose Pliers (Ringlord Brand) and holding the left side in place and pulling down with the right side. I do the same when closing except pulling upwards. I have a set of Chain Nose Pliers as well if you think those would be better to use. Any tips/tricks would be greatly appreciated The first pic has the gap, the second one is ideal (But I had to squeeze the ring together with the pliers to obtain that.)