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    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    I received my four pairs of new Tronex yesterday and tested the stubby wide bladed ones with my new 18 ga 3/16" titanium rings. After an hour the edges of the Tronex jaws were starting to nick slightly in places and there are distinct scuffs across the blades. I must conclude they're still mushy, and though I got them to work with 16 ga aluminum and other stronger metals in 18 ga, in keeping with recommendations on the tool page, they're now relegated to 18ga aluminum and softer. My $9.00 Eurotool pliers show no such damage after several hours' work with the titanium, and are obviously a superior tool. I'm very disappointed.
  2. Cara_Chapel

    Tronex pliers feedback - a bit disappointed in quality

    I notice there's no activity on this thread since 2013. Did this issue get resolved by Tronex? $100 is a lot of money for me to invest in a pair of pliers that's going to wind up with weak edges or breakage, but I really like the ergonomic handles on the Tronex models, so I'm tempted. Also, I wondered about the durability of the springs.
  3. Cara_Chapel

    Aluminum - Bright

    I'm confused-- how come a bright aluminum saw cut custom ring (the 18 gauge 13/64, to be precise), which the site says you only make on demand, is listed as out of stock? I use it for weaving bees & butterflies and for barrel, both of which are good sellers, and I'm already halfway through the bag I got last week. What kind of wait time will there be on ordering that again? Thanks :-)