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    OMG! My thumb has been numb for a week!

    For my first real Scalemaile/ Chainmaile project EVER..... I may have be a tad ambitious, especially considering I DO have moderate carpal tunnel! lol! But that's ALL on me! I got excited about the project, but also because it's intended as a gift for someone, due in early September, and I think I kindof unconsciously panicked a bit about the deadline! I was having a good few weeks free of Crohn's symptoms, so I powered through with pre-workouts and coffee, and probably did somewhere around 14+ ish hours of work on it (Just a guess, I usually move slow in general, lol!) over like 4 days! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Which, for ME, is a HELL of alot more activity than I am usually doing! lol (ADHD Hyperfocus! Gotta love it!.... Well, Sometimes...!) Anywho after, A: Some brief research and B: things SLOWLY improving this last month, I've concluded that I either crushed, (most likely) or severed a nerve or 2 in those two thumb joints. For which, rest and time appear to be the only remedies. I seem to remember reading in some journal study that nerves CAN grow back, and if they do, it's at around 1mm per day! If that IS accurate, and my thumb from base, up, is only about 2.5", maybe 3"..... around 60+/ 70+ mm's. That's about that many days to heal then, I figure. And considering that seems to be my experience over the last month so far, with things improving, and feeling VERY slowly returning from the bottom up my thumb, I'm just going to keep going easy on it, and give it one more month before I go to bother my Dr.'s about it. Time will tell if I've made the right choice here, for sure! But here's hoping! lol! (And also I'm sure you're right about the tools! I really only hade ONE large/ xtra sturdy pair of pliers to work with. The rest had all seen better days!)
  2. OMG My Hands! I mean, I know I have Carpal Tunnel and all, but JEBUS! lol! I made my first real scailmail project, a dice bag, and now my thumb has been numb for a week! Do you think I bruised the nerves or something? Will feeling come back?! It's obviously from the pressure of the pliers on the base of my thumb, that spot is super sore too, but from base to tip the entire right side of my thumb is painfully tingly-numb. It's weird cause the left/ outside of my thumb is fine! lol! Anywho..... has anyone else ever had this happen? And if so, how long till it goes back to normal, if ever?!