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  1. Hi guys, I'm new to this website, and to weaving in general (except small pieces, but no full clothes !). As I'm from France there's not a lot of options to me, and I couldn't find any better place than here to ask for help ! I plan on making a suit of chainmail for my boyfriend, as a birthday gift. It would be a full top with sleeves, and a pair of legs, separated, from the waist to the ankles. I will be using the acrylic black rings, as it's only to complete a larp costume on a full week duration, there's no need for any metal. Could anyone guide me to how much rings I would need ? I don't mind if I have a bit too much, I just want to avoid as much as possible multiples orders, the shipping costs to France are quite high ! (If it's only possible to ship there ?) Oh, by the way he's like 1,75 meter tall, and has a small round belly haha