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  1. I have approximately 9,900 rings of Machine Cut Titanium 12ga 1/2'' ID - Plain TI - No Color * - TI1212NoColor. Look for TI1212 on this page for what I bought. http://theringlord.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=33&cat=14g+Titanium+Jump+Rings I paid US$1,017.72 for them plus shipping and other costs. I'd am asking for 70% of what I paid, so $700 plus shipping to the buyer. 70% is what theringlord gives for quickly returned items for restocking, so it's a pretty good deal. (I wanted to return them to theringlord, but it's been WAY too long since I made the order for a refund. Oh well.) Anyone willing to buy the whole batch is prioritized. Otherwise, it's a first come first served basis for anyone that wants a fraction of the total weight in rings. Just reply to this post and I'll get an alert in my gmail.
  2. Mitchal

    SELLING Stainless Steel Chainmail Dice Bags

    Thanks Rob! I am pursuing some of the forums, and I also reached out to a local DnD and board games club on facebook. The local club seems interested. Things are looking up. Cheers, Mitchal
  3. Mitchal

    SELLING Stainless Steel Chainmail Dice Bags

    Thanks Rob! That's a really good idea. I'll try it out. Post Script Can you recommend a good forum? Despite making the DnD dice bags, I've had no experience with DnD or RPGs in general. The few that I looked at were vast to say the least. They appeared to sell mostly digital items.
  4. Mitchal

    SELLING Stainless Steel Chainmail Dice Bags

    Yeah. I know, but beggars can't be choosers. Oh well. : / You're right. Buying in bulk would only be practical for someone who thinks they can sell them fairly quickly with a $10 markup or so because of the small time investment on their part. What I really think is going to happen is I'll end up giving them as bday/xmas/whatever gifts to anyone who wants them. So thinking positively, they'll probably all be gone in 10 years or so! LOL
  5. I am selling these stainless steel chainmail dice bags in the image below. I had a bunch of excess rings left over from theringlord's Combat Grade - Stainless Steel 14g 3/8'' Shirt Kit and decided to make a bunch of these to try and sell. The cord is braided leather with bronze crimps on the ends to keep the braid from unraveling. The cord stopper looks like tarnished bronze, but it definitely doesn't conduct heat fast enough to be bronze all the way through. I went with those to get a medieval look. The other bags available tend to be paracord or shoelace with a plastic cord lock, which ruined the coolness of having a chainmail dice bag in my opinion. They are available on etsy, but I'm looking to get rid of a lot of them. I'd rather sell in bulk at a discount and then someone sells them at a LARP Faire or whatever. I'd be happy to take returns if they don't all sell. Probably via etsy if you want some consumer protection or whatever if you feel like trusting me. Just reply to this thread and we can exchange contact information. If you bought in bulk, I'd sell each bag for $35, which you can sell for at least $40 if the prices on etsy are at all competitive for similar chainmail bags. https://www.etsy.com/listing/652087045/stainless-steel-chainmail-dice-bag
  6. Mitchal

    What to do with titanium 1/2" 12g rings???

    So I got around to making some test pieces. The left is stainless steel 3/8" 12g and the right is titanium 1/2" 12g. The weave is European 4 in 1, and both pieces use the same number of rings. As you can see, the titanium piece takes up quite a bit more space. Not too sparse though. One big plus is a hauberk will take much fewer titanium rings to make, which means more affordable for people to buy. (Gotta watch out with the price difference in stainless steel versus titanium though.) The titanium is way lighter too. I already made a stainless steel hauberk with the rings in the picture, and without sleeves weighs about 30 lbs. Using titanium and the larger rings will make a big difference in the weight. One thing I am worried about is while the rings in the stainless piece are much stiffer so that the butted ends of the rings don't move around, the titanium rings are more springy and the butted ends can move around a bit without much force. In other words, the titanium rings are not staying aligned as easily as the stainless steel rings are. This makes me think I'll have to weld the titanium rings so the sharp cut on each end of the joint doesn't become exposed. Hopefully not though. Anyone have any relevant wisdom to share? Should I worry about the sharp ends of the titanium rings moving out of their flush position? Anyone with a 1/2" 12g hauberk picture to share? Etc... To Iiriel: Well that's too bad for me then. Buying titanium rings from theringlord will be much less of a hassle than buying from me, especially if there is no price difference between myself and theringlord. Oh well.
  7. Mitchal

    What to do with titanium 1/2" 12g rings???

    Hmm... As long as I make enough columns of rings so the circumference of the hauberk doesn't expand too much, then the weave should remain pretty dense. I'll try it out and let you know. As for the tariff, some news sites said steel and aluminum, but others included titanium too. But do you know if the tariff only applies to raw materials, or would buying a stainless steel pot from Canada cost more to import to the United States too? I do know UPS had me pay an additional charge to receive the titanium rings from theringlord, but I can't say for sure now whether or not that was an import tax or something else.
  8. I accidentally bought the 1/2" 12g titanium rings from theringlord when I meant to buy 3/8" to make a hauberk. Completely my fault, and NOT theringlord's as 1/2 is clearly what I ordered, but the 1/2 seems too big for the hauberk I intended to make. So now I have 10,000 1/2" 12g titanium rings and I'm trying to figure out what to do with them. I was thinking of selling on Etsy or something similar and wanted some advice on what to make. I looked around a bit and found some of most popular chainmail projects. The two most popular were a byzantine chain leash for BDSM kind of like a choker collar for dogs, and a byzantine chain necklace with a padlock around the neck that your partner has the key to. A distant third was dice bags for DND and other role playing games. Everything else appeared to be one time custom pieces requested by customers. I also plan on welding the rings together, which I hope gives me an edge in selling them. Does anyone else have success stories on profitable items to make with 1/2" 12g titanium rings and where to sell them? I'm also willing to just sell the raw rings if anyone wants them. It might be a better deal than theringlord within the continental US since I bought the titanium before the most recent metal tariffs went into effect.