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  1. That's an idea thank you
  2. I was thinking of expanding it a little so the large scales sit on top of her foot instead of on her ankle as for pictures I had to take it apart cause some of the scales got crushed in the driveway so was wondering if anyone had advice on how to make it better this time was thinking of making a sleeve with leather and elastic to shield her foot as well but I might just loosen it a little and see how that works
  3. I'm kinda now to it I was trying to figure out the weave so I'm not sure if its anything but the basic one I was trying to make it like the belly dancer's ankle jingle but still look like scalemaille.
  4. I'm trying to mak an anklet for my better half. The first time I made one of got so stressed that it popped one of the smaller rings. Luckily in our driveway. And the other problem she informed me of was the scales were poking the top of her foot. Could use some ideas on how to solve that problem in particular.