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  1. Eva foam was one of my main options but I was trying to see if I had an alternative using the scales itself, but I will listen to all the advises, thank you all for your feedback!
  2. Katrina! Your outfit looks wonderful! Thank you so much for your feedback, you think I would be able to do it with the scales too? Hence I see yours is just the aluminum rings, not sure if it's going to be a disaster doing it with the scales and to manage the bell shape of the skirt >< maybe I got confused...once more, thank you so much for your feedback! <3
  3. Sorry the late reply but thank you Rob and Konstantin for your answer...I will keep on looking for alternatives because I am also worried about the weight, although I would really love to achieve that look!
  4. Hello everyone! I am new in the forum and I am looking for help for a project that I would like to start soon; I have some experience making simple pieces with chain mails but I know to get the shape for this next one will be tricky and I would like some advice. I want to make a skirt with a bell shape (with a crinoline under it) which it means it's smaller in the waist and wider in the bottom, I would like to do it fully but I can't quite visualize how to get everything to work...I am attaching a picture of the concept art for a better idea of what I want to do (it would be the gray scale like skirt) and any feedback will be greatly appreciate it! I would like to know if it's not an impossible idea to make and how, or if it's actually achievable ><. Thank you so much in advance! Nicole