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  1. I tried my hand at making chainmail jewelry - I usually wire wrap cabochons and make tree of life pendants, but some people offered to buy what I made. I'm like, "Kewl! I can use the money and purchase more items at TheRingLord." A person in a beading store recommended this site (and I've been like a kid in a candy shop ever since. ) I have absolutely no idea what to ask, or how to compute a price. This is rather new to me. My many thanks in advance! Anyway, this is what I made so far (Box silver, European weave earrings silver, Helm ankle tri-color (R, Y, W) & Byzantine wrist tri-color)
  2. Caz

    Looking For Ideas

    I am somewhat new to chainmailling, and as such I ordered some rings, 18g 1/8" ID, that I cannot use to make a Byzantine or Box Chain weave. The AR(?) makes the rings too 'tight.' So I ask, good people, what can I make with these rings? I have them in white, yellow and rose. I was thinking something utilizing all colors. Thank you!